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1. Semester

Civil law/Social law | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416107 Civil law 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Introduction to law, general and specific, civil law, family law, law of obligations, inheritance law, property law, youth welfare law.
Civil law/Social law | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416108 Social law 2 SWS 3 ECTS
social insurance law, health insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance; care allowance, benefits for families.
Fields of social work 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416106 Family social work / Social Pedagogy 2 SWS 3 ECTS
• Basic social work based on historical development and practical implementation • Access to children and families, building trust and relationship as a basis for working with children and families, the basis for family work • UN Convention on the Rights of Children, Basic Information on Child and Youth Aid, Social Area Orientation Graz and Casemanagement JUWON, • Goal work, assessment of childhood, violence in the family: child abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, attachment theory and trauma aspects • Legal and organizational framework conditions in the individual fields of social work
Fields of social work 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416105 Fields of social work 3 SWS 2 ECTS
• Motives for studying and ethical standards of the profession • preparation internships, overview of social organizations in various suitable fields to encourage independent reasearch of an internship, • job perspectives and understanding the meaning of current economic, social and societal development. Introduction to the fields of social work: • Understand the specific problems of client groups in the individual fields of social work • Overview of social work methods in the individual fields of social work • Legal and organizational framework conditions in the individual fields of social work • Overview of the respective social institutions in the individual fields of social work
Methodology 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416104 Digital Social Work / Documentation 2 SWS 2 ECTS
• Develop the relevance of computer skills in social work. • Learn about the IT and eLearning infrastructure at FH Joanneum, EDP regulations, personal drives, external access to the FH net, and the like
Methodology 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416103 Methodology 1 / Individual case and primary group. 3 SWS 3 ECTS
• Introduction to the methods of social work, • case work and case management, action-driven theories (social-learning theory, field theory, systemic theory, symbolic interactionism, psychoanalysis), • relationship orientation, life world orientation, community orientation, goal orientation, communication, interviewing, self-evaluation.
Social Work Issues 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416110 International and intercultural Social Work 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Introduction into international social sork (concepts, key terms), international social work in selected countries, contexts, issues and fields of activities. Social work in a society of migration, intercultural and diversity oriented competences, discrimination and racism critical aspects.
Social Work Issues 1 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416109 Social Work Issues 1/Autonomous Learning 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Students acquire professional knowledge in the field of social work with special attention to professional communication in the cultural and intercultural context. Self-directed and autonomous learning within professional context. Peer teaching, group work, discussions of social work specific topics. Practical competence in using effective communication techniques. Understanding and applying professional and specific terms in social work.
Societal conditions | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416102 Sociology and Social Economy 3 SWS 5 ECTS
Basic questions and theories of socialization in families, schools and work. Introduction into selected problems of specific sociologies (e.g. economic sociology, sociology of work, organizational sociology, sociology of ageing). With reference to modern economy and social, cultural, political and institutional basics, markets and businesses, consumption, economy as social structure, networks, cooperation and competition, profit and ethics, conflict and power, social policy, governance.
Theory and history of social work/ social pedagogy as a science, reflection on profession and institutions | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416101 Theories and History of Social Work 3 SWS 5 ECTS
Social work as activities of personal social services life world orientation/life management introdution to methods of social pedagogy paradigm changes of social work poverty deviant behaviour youth research prevention / logic of prevention social justice

2. Semester

Methodology 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416206 Basic income and unemployment 3 SWS 3 ECTS
• Basic principles of methods applied in social work: basic services in working with unemployed, homeless, indebted, invalid, disabled and sick clients or those who are in need of care or custody • Basics of intervention in individual cases, in families and institutions. • Unemployment and poverty research. Applying legal principles in basic services, socio-political development.
Methodology 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416205 Methodology / group work 3 SWS 2 ECTS
• Group work and group dynamics • experiential learning • Relationship work in social work-relevant group work in theory • Practice and self-experience
Professional field exploration | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180416208 Professional field exploration 0 SWS 8 ECTS
6-week placement in a field of social work. Participant observation, working on own initiative; continuous supervision.
Professional field exploration | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416207 Seminar Professional field exploration 2 SWS 2 ECTS
• Supervision and mentoring during placement • assessing personal goals and relection of these • legal structure of organizations and the working methods of social work • Reflection of personal work methods and professional view of methods applied in organizations • Professional explanation of practical processes, as well as the practice of the future professional role and the skills to be learned • Exchange of experiences between the students about organisations and their resources, opportunities, offers and services for the target groups of social work.
Psychological and medical basics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416201 Psychology for social work 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Schools and history of social psychology, psychology of perception, developmental psychology, differential psychology and psychology of personality, scientific issues of public health, preventive healthcare, health promotion, concepts of health, epidemiology, relationships between social inequality and health, social determinants of health
Psychological and medical basics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416202 Social medicine 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Publich health paradigm, social medicine basics in social work
Social Management 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416209 Organisation of social services 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Organization in social work as an everyday experience and as an object of scientific disciplines. Organizational forms, organization theories and management concepts. Operational and organizational structure, forms of organization, basics of organizational development and quality management
Social Work Research | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416203 Scientific research & writing 2 SWS 2 ECTS
literary research, use of data bases, citation methods, scientific writing, software application
Social Work Research | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416204 Social research methods 3 SWS 3 ECTS
Reception and analysis of social (work)-scientific studies, introduction to qualitative and quantitative research

3. Semester

Fields of social work 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180416304 development cooperation 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Introduction Development cooperation (EZA): basic terms, concepts, fields of action, participants and their strategies, historical and current conditions, selected contexts of the EZA; ethical and (racism) critical aspects.
Fields of social work 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416303 social work in the public sector 2 SWS 3 ECTS
• Social work in forced contexts, role understanding, assignment clarification and methodology • Administrative social work in child and youth welfare, case understanding, solution-focused and resource-oriented aid planning in compulsory context and network activation • Case-related analyses of models of case-management and “personal social space orientation” •Legal and organizational framework conditions in the individual fields of social work
Foundations of Socio-politics and Humanities | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416302 Child and adoloscent psychiatry 3 SWS 3 ECTS
Basics of psychiatry: introduction to psychopathology; basic concepts of psychodynamics and psychoanalytic developmental psychology, transference/countertransference; psychopathological diagnostics; specific clinical symptoms (severe personality disorders, addiction, dissocial personality disorder, psychoses); possibilities and limits of social psychiatric assistance. Child and adolescent psychiatry: differences between child, adolescent and adult psychiatry; traumatology; contemporary diagnostic methods und therapies for mental disabilities, mental illness and behavorial disorder of children and adults; specific clinical symptoms and treatments of anxiety disorders, depressions, self-injury, critical situations, acute stress disorders, posttraumatic stress responses, suicide attempts, personality disrders, psychosis, and constraints; multiprofessionality, the social worker in the context of child and adolescent psychiatry: functions and concepts …
Foundations of Socio-politics and Humanities | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416301 Social policy 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Basics of economic science; "social questions", social policies in Austria; focus: employment, education, demography
Methodology 3 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416307 Communication and conversation 1 SWS 1 ECTS
The content of this course is directed towards counseling skills and interactive skills. Students learn how to counsel, interview, and converse in a structured, person-centered, problem- and solution focused context.
Methodology 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416306 crisis intervention 3 SWS 3 ECTS
• The term "crisis" • diagnostics • Concepts of crisis intervention • Interviewing in crisis situations • Suicidality and suicide prevention • psychosocial and social-psychiatric emergency interventions • professional help for victims of violence • Violence Protection and Violence Protection Centers / Intervention Centers
Methodology 3 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416305 Digital Social Work 2 1 SWS 1 ECTS
Technical basic competencies (with regard to scientific work) • Consolidation of the competencies of Digital Social Work 1 • Use of software products for social research (F4 / F5, Maxqda) - ideally in cooperation with the Department of Social Research (eg biography and lifeworld) • Word Templates • MS Project
Social Managment 2: Projekts and Social Marketing | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416308 Project Managment 3 SWS 7 ECTS
Basic theory on management of projects, analysis of project orders, basic principles of conducting a project; development of instruments of project management and project structures. Project planning, project controlling, group dynamics of project groups, self-evaluation of project work, executing a project order.
Social Managment 2: Projekts and Social Marketing | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416309 Social Marketing 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Introduction to PR work in social organizations, social sponsoring and social marketing. Planning an executing presentations and PR
Social Work Issues 2 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416310 Practice-oriented Skills 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Case studies, counselling, practice of professional communication, exemplary situations involving the preparation and conducting of role plays offer the opportunity to practice client interviews. Films, video clips to discuss professional identity.
Social Work Issues 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416311 Social Work Issues 2 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Light will be shed on social work relevant topics and current issues through theoretical input and discussion.

4. Semester

Bachelor Thesis 1 - life-world oriented case studies | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416401 Bachelor Thesis 1 - living world-oriented case studies 3 SWS 5 ECTS
finding a case, developing research questions, retrieving case-related resources, social anamnesis of the client’s problem(s), description and critical assessment of the client’s lifeworld, explanatory approaches to the client’s problem(s), critical assessment of helping measures
Case studies | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416403 Biography and living world 2 SWS 3 ECTS
• foundations of scientific case studies • socio-political case studies • clinical case studies • biografical case studies • organisational case studies - comparative case studies - life-world oriented case studies
Case studies | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180416402 Interdisciplinary case studies 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Theory of case studies, types of case studies, preparation for case study: documentary analysis.
International Social Work Systems | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416414 Excursion - Social Work in European Context 2 SWS 3 ECTS
International experience: excursion to a European country; learning about social security systems and services in other countries.
International Social Work Systems | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416413 International Social Work Systems 1 SWS 2 ECTS
Autonomous and self-directed learning. Introduction of theory of international health care and social systems. Research and critical discussion.
Legal bases of social organisations/Criminal law | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416411 Criminal law 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Criminal law, criminal law proceedings, criminology.
Legal bases of social organisations/Criminal law | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416412 Legal bases of social organisations 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Business law and corporate law, legal structures of socio-economic organizations, law of associations. Administrative law, formal administrative proceedings, organization of authorities and their legal structure.
Methodology 4 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416405 Methodology 3 / Social space and community work 3 SWS 3 ECTS
• Community work as a method-integrated approach and working principle of social work • basic concepts, theoretical approaches and a set of methods for the socio-spatial exploration of the clients' environment • Practical approaches to community work based on best-practice examples, especially in a regional context • Social analysis and models for the design of social space
Methodology 4 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416404 Supervision and Refexionstechniken 1 SWS 1 ECTS
• Concepts of supervision and process of supervision, • cases reflection, reflection techniques, settings, • supervision and organisational development
Methodology 4 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416406 xxx 1 SWS 1 ECTS
• planning of long-term placement on both organizational and professional level • self-directed research of suitable placement • setting up a contract between student and organization
Elective Subjects:
Elective subjects of social work 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416410 Health and illness 3 SWS 3 ECTS
• Bio-psycho-social model concerning patients suffering from mental and chronic diseases; work with relatives of affected clients, sensitization for the areas of social psychiatry and addiction • Case-based understanding of specific problems of client groups as well as the development of a professional attitude and identity • Counseling skills, methods and interventions in the treatment of clients with mental illness(es) and addiction problems; interdisciplinary context • Overview of the legal and organizational guidelines
Elective subjects of social work 3 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416409 social work in schools 2 SWS 2 ECTS
cooperation between schools, youth welfare, police, etc.
Elective subjects of social work 3 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416407 Social work with elderly people 2 SWS 2 ECTS
• theoretical and practice-oriented views of the professional field taking into account demographic and socio-political aspects, images of age and aging, stereotypes • Social work in institutions such as hospitals or nursing homes and in outpatient organizations, ranging from homecare to assisted living considering legal regulations • Physical and psychological changes in age concerning health, disease and death (palliative care and hospice work) • Family counseling and networking
Elective subjects of social work 3 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416408 with young people 2 SWS 2 ECTS
• Social-educational work with young people • Youth work in child and youth welfare • school social work • open and mobile youth work (streetwork), social work in youth centers • adventure-based practice in youth work • Life-worlds of young people: social behavior, norms and values, risk behaviors, conflicts with parents, identity, career, relationhip conflicts, youth and violence; right-wing radicalism, migration background

5. Semester

Social Managment 3: Human Resource Managment | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180596507 Human Resource Managment 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Social Managment 3: Human Resource Managment | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180641508 Labour law for social work 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Social Philosophy and Social Theory | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416502 Gender and Diversity 2 SWS 2 ECTS
basics of gender theory theories and persectives of gender studies and queer studies public discourses of gender and diversity gender and gender mainstreaming diversity management
Social Philosophy and Social Theory | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416501 Social Philosophy 3 SWS 3 ECTS
relationships between the individual and society; bourgeois society; streams of social philosophy: liberalism, socialism, communitarianism, multiculturalism; community and society; racism and right-wing extremism; integration; migration
Elective Subjects:
Internship / Seminar | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180551506 Intership 0 SWS 16 ECTS
Internship / Seminar | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180506505 Seminar Intership 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Internship / Seminar | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180461504 social work with asylum seekers and migrants 2 SWS 2 ECTS
• Flight and migration: basic concepts, global migratory movements, migration to Austria, societal change; Life situation of migrants in Austria • Legal foundations; Gender-specific aspects of migration. Youth migrants. Religion, culture, foreign-ness, racism • psychosocial assistance and services for refugees, labor market-related, social-territorial integration of migrants. • social work in a migrant society; Agencies working with migrants. Implications of migration. • Current migration, integration and difference discourses. Difference-sensitive and racism-critical perspective.
Internship / Seminar | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416503 Social work with people with disabilities 2 SWS 2 ECTS
• Living with disability in our society (developments, basic regulations and societal attitudes) and providing a historical overview of societal policy developments on disability • Social work with people of different age and with various forms of impairment, as well as their relatives • prenatal diagnosis, euthanasia, non-discrimination, supported communication, sign language, sexual support, life with assistance and accessibility • Awareness raising and insight into real living conditions of people with disabilities. • Basic knowledge of Austrian law in connection with international regulations (UN Convention)

6. Semester

BA2 - Interdisciplinary Case Studies in a socio-political context | Bachelor's Thesis (BA) | Coursecode: 180416601 BA2 - Interdisciplinary Case Studies 2 SWS 7 ECTS
Production of an empirical case study: Search for a topic, developing a reserch design: research questions, to justify the selection of a type of case study, empirical survey, analysis and interpretation, theoretical references, finalize the second bachelor thesis.
BA2 - Interdisciplinary Case Studies in a socio-political context | Modul/Final Examination (FA) | Coursecode: 180416602 Bachelor-Thesis 0 SWS 1 ECTS
BA2 - Interdisciplinary Case Studies in a socio-political context | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416603 sociopolitical context 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Current sociopolitical problems in Austria, types of social welfare systems in performance oriented societies. Search for a topic, central research question and choice of methods to produce the bachelor thesis 2.
career entry | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416605 Digital Social Work3 1 SWS 1 ECTS
Getting to know digital documentation systems in social institutions and the connection of new technologies and social media within social fields, e.g. Increased use of applications and online platforms in support
career entry | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180416604 Seminar career entry 1 SWS 4 ECTS
Elective • Vocational training course of 100 hours, a self-chosen short-term practical course • Case studies on defined fields of action, case analyzes in the areas of child and youth welfare, psychiatry / comorbidity, asylum and migration, reflection of roles, and mutliprofessional contexts • Seminars on current methods. Motivational interviewing, family council, early help, concept of SEN
Fields of social work 4 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416608 Social work with debtors 2 SWS 2 ECTS
• Financial problems as a key problem in social work • Private debt, debt regulation and different approaches to debt counceling in Europe • State-recognized debt counseling in Austria, legal framework • Social and economic background for private household debt (causes of debt problems and problems connected, debt traps, poverty and debt) • Holistic approach to debt problems (systems, cooperation, counseling) • Structured approach to debt problems counseling process, co-operation with social institutions, prioritization in the consultation process) • Legal framework for social work with debtors • Legal basis for debts (contractual obligations, damages, statutory obligations) • Recovery of claims • Debt regulation (out-of-court settlements, private bankruptcy) • Basics of financing
Fields of social work 4 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416607 Social work with delinquent and homeless persons 2 SWS 3 ECTS
• Fringe groups • Professional interpretive patterns and interventions • theories of crime • Prisonisation and institutionalization • correclation of homelessness and poverty; • Structural and individual causes of delinquency and homelessness • Concepts, methods, and techniques of delinquency and homelessness • legal framework in the field of delinquency and homelessness • Social and housing policy
Professional Identity | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416606 Professional Identity/Future Lab 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Theory and practice in the discourse of social work regarding the individual, organizations, and society. Connection of historical, current and future challenges regarding the social work profession. Discourse of the tasks of transdisciplinary cooperation. Understanding the connection between health, environment, social spaces, communities and economy. Introduction of future labs for experimental projects and discussions.
Social Management 4: Case Managment | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180416609 Case Management 3 SWS 5 ECTS
Case Management as a steering model regarding different interests; Case Management and learning organization; Case Managment Cycle