Department of Management

Sport and Event Management

After Graduation


Career paths

Our graduates are familiar with the new requirements and development potential at the interface between the health sector, sport and event management. Their core competences involve the management of both athletes and sport events as well as the organisation of events and the optimal use of resources. Their expertise is complemented by knowledge of the legal aspects of sport and events.

Our graduates pursue a wide range of careers from project management in sport organisations and the management of sport and fitness institutions through to the management of major sporting events. They can also pursue a doctoral degree at a university with a focus on business and social sciences.

Graduates of Sport and Event Management are equipped with:

  • a solid understanding of the links between health, society, tourism, leisure and sport
  • the ability to interpret research results, to evaluate and implement them in practice, as well as to undertake their own research
  • the ability to take on responsibility for leading organisational units and managing employees
  • extended knowledge of project management
  • knowledge about organising and financing sports and sporting events
  • the ability to plan, organise and realise (sport) events
  • understanding of event and sports law
  • the ability to develop sponsoring and marketing plans
  • the ability to manage institutions, organisations and societies active in the fields of sports and/or events