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Key areas of the Master certificate programme

„Design creates culture, culture shapes values, and values determine the future.“

Robert L. Peters

The MBA "Strategic Experience Design" provides comprehensive training in corporate strategy. A strong focus is placed on human-centred and design-driven thinking and acting, methodologies and tool sets as well as cross-cutting skills. The value-creating approach includes the basic topics of business, management and technology, as well as the core topics of human value, human behaviour and design. Knowledge of an agile, innovative way of thinking and methodology is taught in a very practice-oriented way using case studies.

On completion of the programme graduates can:

  • analyse the design of systems (focus on product development and complex systems) from different perspectives, translate the potential for development and improvement into practical and technically sustainable / economically justifiable decisions and to critically analyse and evaluate these decisions.

  • plan, design, coordinate and implement new processes in a creative manner (taking account of modern information technologies, ergonomic and legal principles and economic restrictions).

  • devise long-term, sustainable concepts for product development, including strategy development, step-by-step implementation and a KPI-based monitoring system.

  • implement system and corporate development projects (either alone or as part of a team, depending on project size) using structured agile process and project management techniques.

  • support end users in dealing with problems involved in the use of information systems by providing usability / user experience (UX) methods or targeted training measures and addressing skill deficits.

  • communicate complex topics and problems to experts within the organisation (Management, Sales, R&D, IT, designers), experts outside the organisation and non-professionals in a way that is easy to understand and tailored to the relevant target group.

  • monitor and assess new findings and approaches in design strategy on different channels (scientific publications, databases, journals etc.) and develop their own abilities and skills in accordance with the principle of lifelong learning.