Department of Applied Computer Sciences

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence



What is the admissions process?

The admissions process consists of:

  • a complete application,
  • an online aptitude test (oral test),
  • an online interview with the admissions committee and
  • the evaluation of previous training and activities.

The form of the application is included in the assessment. You will receive information with all the details on the online admissions process by e-mail before the appointment.

Aptitude test

You will be invited to an online aptitude test (oral test) in case you meet the requirements for admission and have submitted your application in full and by the deadline. This oral test takes around 20 to 25 minutes and shows whether you are suitable for the study programme.

The following subjects, among others, will be discussed in this aptitude test:

  • Basics of linear algebra (refers to the most important basic concepts of linear algebra, such as determinants, matrix inversion, linear equation systems, ...);
  • Basics of databases and database systems (refers to the most important basic concepts of relational and other databases, such as keys, relationship types, normal forms, ERM, ...);
  • General basics of programming (does not refer to a specific programming language, but to general concepts such as paradigms, loops, branches, flow charts etc...).

Online interview

After the aptitude test, there will be a personal interview with the admissions committee. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes.


In this interview, you have the opportunity to present your specialist knowledge as well as your motivation, suitability and talent for your studies and your job. Convince us with your CV, your interest in the course content and your personality.

Evaluation of previous training and professional experience

As additional criteria for admission, professional experience as well as vocational training and further education are taken into account.