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Study mode and attendance

Study mode

The lectures of the full-time course are organised in a work-friendly manner. This means you will have the benefit of being able to study and in particular to work on projects and your Master's thesis, while earning a living in a part-time job. Weekends are free. E-learning accounts for a small portion of classes.

Course times
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: from 17:15 online
  • Thursday and Friday: all day

Exceptions are possible, especially for tutorials and examinations.


You can miss up to 25 percent of units per semester, depending on the lecture. If you miss over 25 percent, your performance will be assessed as unsatisfactory and you will fail the first attempt at the exam. You will be excused if you provide a doctor’s note confirming that you were ill.

Ultimately the head of degree programme decides on the consequences of non-attendance and exceptions to the compulsory attendance requirement