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Semester abroad

Cross-border cooperation and international exchange are an important element of university education. The ERASMUS+ mobility programme is the preferred route. It is also possible to study at a foreign university offering a suitable curriculum as a free mover. In most cases tuition fees usually have to be paid, except for ERASMUS+ students.

A semester abroad is not only a valuable experience for students that extends their personal horizons and improves their independence and foreign language skills, it also increases their chances on the Austrian and international job market.

We help students choose a semester abroad by offering information events, and through individual consultations with the Institute’s International Coordinator. Contact and exchanges are encouraged between potentially interested outgoing students and those who have already returned from a semester abroad.

How does it work?

The third semester of the programme is recommended as ideal for spending time abroad at one of our partner universities. Students can also write their Master’s thesis in the fourth semester in the USA. In this case students are specifically recommended to apply for a MARSHALL scholarship.

If you want to spend a semester abroad, you first undergo an internal selection process. The following documents are required for this: a covering letter, a CV in both German and English and a list of the classes selected at the partner university (Learning Agreement). These documents should be sent to our International Coordinator. Once the classes and remaining application documents have been approved by the head of degree programme, the request for a study place abroad is forwarded to FH JOANNEUM’s International Office.

Partner universities

The Institute of Information Management has a number of partner institutions, mainly in Europe. Universities are selected primarily on the basis of course content and language of instruction. The relevant classes should be mainly delivered in English. If students are proficient in the language of a particular country they can also attend classes in this language.

Help & contact

Our International Coordinator will be happy to help you with any queries regarding the semester abroad.

Your contact:
Sophia Kristl, BA MA
T: +43 316 5453 6805


Before embarking on your stay abroad, you can find out about the exact process, language offers and services available at FH JOANNEUM. Important details about the semester abroad can be found here. Interested in undertaking an internship abroad? Then you can find out all the information you need here.

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