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Data and Information Science 10

“This Master’s programme focuses on the potentials and opportunities offered by modern data and information analysis. Large and complex datasets are used to generate knowledge for driving service, process and product innovations in business and society.”

FH-Prof. DI Werner Fritz, Head of Institute of Information Management

This course provides you with a top education in the field of data and information science. You gain in-depth knowledge of mathematical and statistical data and information analysis and learn to use intelligent analysis tools for transforming data and information into valuable knowledge. You will also be familiarised with business intelligence, database management and computational intelligence issues. Based on fundamentals in mathematics, statistics and informatics, you will learn the methods and tools required to transform data into valuable decision-making knowledge.

Key areas of the Master’s degree programme

Mathematics & Statistics.

Mathematics and statistics offer universal and efficient algorithms and methods for data mining. Knowledge of these tools is essential for the targeted analysis of large datasets. Multivariate methods are used to detect complex patterns and hidden connections in large datasets.

Database Management & Business Intelligence.

Data are often held in highly structured databases and data warehouses. This requires both in-depth knowledge and practical experience in database design and structuring and automated import of large datasets. Data visualisation is also a key skill when dealing with comprehensive datasets.

Computational Intelligence.

Neural networks, swarm intelligence and fuzzy logic are only a few of the buzzwords encountered in the wide field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These cutting-edge methods have the potential to produce impressive results in information processing.

Application-oriented Transfer.

You will apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired to complex applied problems in a comprehensive case study, a practical project and the final Master’s thesis. This transfer is complemented by addressing the relevant social and legal aspects.