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If you choose to study Electronics and Computer Engineering at FH JOANNEUM, you’ll be working with the best possible resources. In addition to lecture halls and seminar rooms we also offer IT rooms, computer engineering labs, electronics labs, an EMC/high-frequency lab featuring an anechoic chamber, an aiMotionLab, a Smart Factory Lab and a state-of-the-art project lab.

All labs are furnished with top-class equipment and meet the latest standards of the electronics industry. Your student card gives you access to our teaching labs outside course times so that you can work on your own projects or repeat lab tests at a time that suits you.

We have a range of software licences and tools you can use in our courses. Our licences include, for example, Matlab/Simulink (campus licence with all toolboxes), LabVIEW/test stand with our NI LabVIEW Academy, Altium Designer and OrCAD. In addition, you also have free access to a host of Microsoft products. You'll also have access to a range of computer platforms and high-tech gadgets: microcontrollers such as Arduino, MSP430, TIVA and Raspberry Pi, FPGAs with expansion boards, small robots, balanbots (mini-Segways), NI myDACs, NI myRIOs, NVIDA Jetson and much more.

In addition to preparing you thoroughly for your working life, we want to stimulate your curiosity and encourage you to have fun with technology.