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To graduate from the degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes and the compulsory internship
  • produce a Bachelor’s thesis which must receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be "Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)“.

Bachelor’s thesis

The Bachelor’s theses give you your first taste of research and development (R&D) and the chance to hone your skills for the world of work.

You can suggest your own topics or choose from a number of R&D topics provided by the degree programme. You’re also welcome to write your thesis in cooperation with a company. Here too you can suggest a candidate or refer to our long list of cooperation partners from industry.

You’d prefer to work as part of a team? No problem! A number of topics can be handled as joint projects. Whatever your plans are, we are there for you and will give you the best possible support.

Bachelor’s examination

Students take their Bachelor’s examination after successfully completing all the classes of the degree programme and receiving a positive assessment from their internship in the sixth semester. The exam aims to determine whether you have acquired the essential competencies and skills relating to this field of work and also knowledge of the methods, systems and terminology used in specialist areas.

The examination consists of an official oral exam before a relevant examination board made up of at least three and a maximum of four members. In the exam students are required to give a presentation in English on their thesis and then discuss it and how the thesis relate to relevant subjects within the curriculum. They can choose courses from the fields of Electrical Engineering/Electronics and Computer Engineering/Embedded Software or an area of application.

Through the degree programme you’ll be well prepared for the exam and will be able to demonstrate yet again what you have learnt.

After graduation

The degree programme offers a sound, practical and comprehensive education which allows you to go straight into the world of work. However continuing your education is always worthwhile in the long term. That’s why we recommend the Electronics and Computer Engineering Master’s programme or the System Test Engineering Master's programme at FH JOANNEUM, where you can specialise and acquire more in-depth knowledge.

The main reasons for choosing this degree programme were the chance to obtain practical training as well as the modern labs. The combination of study and practical work lead to some interesting projects with a personal level of supervision at FH JOANNEUM.

Bertram Winter, BSc, currently studying on the master's degree programme in Advanced Electronic Engineering