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What is Health and Tourism Management?

The leisure and tourism industry as well as the health market are facing significant changes in lifestyle, leisure, exercise and nutrition habits which have received little attention to date. And it is precisely here that the Health and Tourism Management course comes in.

We will train you to become a specialist in the organisation and planning of health-promoting and advisory measures and tourism offers in recreation and health tourism. Over the first three semesters, this training will provide you with basic expertise in the health sciences and qualifications in the tourism and leisure industry. A 15-week internship during the fourth semester will prepare you for your subsequent career.

During the fifth and sixth semester, we also offer the chance to further develop your fields of interest through specialisations and the Bachelor’s thesis. The range of subjects on offer extends from health advice, management and tourism to tourism and leisure management. We also prioritise communication skills and industry-specific language training. The six semester course ends with a Bachelor’s examination and the awarding of the degree of ‘Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)’.

What will I learn?

Critical thinking

We place great value on interlinked yet critical thinking, which is of great importance in the management and consulting sector. You will be provided with ongoing support by our lecturers and encouraged to analyse and question what you hear and form your own critical opinion on various issues. This approach underpins all of the classes during all semesters of the programme and forms the basis for innovative and consistent actions in your subsequent career.

Health, fitness and well-being

Here you can learn how to adopt innovative approaches and ideas in the fields of health, fitness and well-being and integrate them in the leisure and tourism culture. Your well-founded training will enable you to work in the fields of occupational health promotion and public health: you will learn to manage available resources efficiently so as to achieve a considerable and appropriate effect with minimal deployment of resources. In this way, you can implement significant and lasting change in many aspects of general health.

Project work and practical relevance

There are constant projects taking place at the Bad Gleichenberg campus to which you can make a significant contribution as a student. Activities range from measurements at the university’s own sports science lab or market analyses for renowned spa resorts to health promotion projects for primary school children. Our classes also include numerous seminars where you can demonstrate your commitment and work at solving various problems. Creative solutions will also be in high demand in your subsequent career and the team skills you obtain from these exercises will be very beneficial in your professional life.