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In order to gain the intercultural skills required in the tourism industry, our Institute provides the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. We have numerous partnerships with renowned universities both in Europe and America which cover parts of our course to varying degrees. Our students can therefore apply for the various options which appeal most in thematic and cultural terms and according to their interests. Many of them use the time to further their personal development, acquire foreign language skills and establish new friends across the world.

The semester abroad can be completed during the fifth and/or sixth semester. One trip abroad during the course is standard but a second semester abroad is also possible in exceptional cases.

How does it work?

During the third semester, an information event is held to explain the various options for completing a trip abroad and introduce the numerous partner universities.

Permission to undertake a semester abroad is granted by the International Coordinator of the Institute. In addition to a letter of application and CV, the following conditions need to be met to gain permission to spend a semester abroad.

The student must:

  • have regularly attended classes with an absence rate of less than 20%
  • have adopted a responsible and respectful approach during the course
  • have met the required academic standards
  • have satisfied all the academic and administrative issues
  • have successfully completed all the classes

Students who meet these criteria can apply for a semester abroad. If there are more applications than places for a specific partner university, students are ranked in terms of their applications, commitment during the course and average grade.

As soon as students have successfully passed the selection procedure at FH JOANNEUM, it is their own responsibility to undertake the application process at the relevant partner university.

Our partner universities do not charge any course fees for a semester abroad. However if students decide to attend a different university as a so-called ‘free-mover’, course fees may be incurred and students are required to meet these costs themselves.

Partner universities

Our partner universities are selected in accordance with strict criteria and are constantly updated. The selected universities meet all of our high standards but have different specialisms. This allows students to specialise in a particular area of interest during the semester abroad. The locations on offer range from tourist destinations such as the Netherlands to Nordic locations like Finland and faraway destinations like Guatemala: there is a wide range on offer!

Contact and help

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Before embarking on your stay abroad, you can find out about the exact process, language offers and services available at FH JOANNEUM. Important details about the semester abroad can be found here. Interested in undertaking an internship abroad? Then you can find out all the information you need here.

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