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Do I meet the admission requirements?

German is the language of instruction. Knowledge of the German language is thus an essential prerequisite (at least Level B2).

If you want to apply for a Master’s degree programme you need to have

  • a relevant Bachelor’s degree or
  • equivalent qualification.

Detail on the admission requirements

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business from FH JOANNEUM or an equivalent degree from an Austrian or foreign university are considered to meet the admission requirements. Here you can find a detailed list of relevant Bachelor’s and Diploma degree programmes offered by Austrian universities of applied sciences.

Evidence of the required level of knowledge in the following areas is to be provided in the form of ECTS credits:

  • Fundamentals of informatics: 25 ECTS
  • ICT applications: 25 ECTS
  • Management, business and law: 25 ECTS
  • Professional and academic papers, such as Bachelor’s theses, project and term papers: 35 ECTS
  • English and interdisciplinary qualifications: 10 ECTS

In ambiguous cases, the head of degree programme will decide whether the candidate meets the admission requirements. You will be notified of the decision once we have received your full set of application documents.


We also welcome applications from law and business management graduates. Subjects already completed can be credited towards the Master’s degree programme. Since the course is organised on a part-time basis it can also be taken in parallel to the judicial clerkship. Candidates lacking any of the specific IT qualifications required can acquire the relevant knowledge during the course in the part-time Bachelor’s programme in Software Design.

You are not an Austrian citizen?

You'll need to meet certain requirements. For more information please go to International Applicants.