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IT experts are increasingly having to deal with the legal aspects of their field, whether in contract law and software licensing, data protection, online sales or e-commerce. As a result, there is demand for qualified specialists able to offer integrated solutions to problems involving IT, legal and business issues. The IT Law & Management course is a cutting-edge degree programme which focuses on this interface. You will deepen your knowledge of e-business and e-government, commercial, IT, data protection and media law, as well as IT management and compliance. The programme is designed to be compatible with career and family: around 60% of the programme content is covered via e-learning so that students are only required to be present on campus one weekend per month.

IT Law

This core area focuses on legal informatics. You will become familiar with the different perspectives and positions of Austrian and European legislation. You will learn about relevant aspects of contract law and their impact on business practice. This includes knowledge of various legal databases as well as the legal tools required for technical and legal project management. You will learn more about media law and how the use and availability of media content is regulated by law. Among other topics in this area you will study telecommunications law and e-commerce law, as well as domain law and digital signature law, laws on computer crime and data protection. A special focus will be placed on cybercrime and related criminal offenses.

IT Management and IT Compliance

You will study how IT projects are productively managed from planning through to implementation, and become familiar with the key management tools required and the relevant IT standards. You will also study the relationship between an organisation’s core business and its internal IT system. You will examine special aspects of IT governance which are based on IT compliance specifications such as control and reporting systems. This also includes risk management and IT service management, and increases your competence in resolving conflicts within organisations and evaluating IT operational risks. We will also teach you about the COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) process model, a European framework for the management and control of business IT.

E-Business and E-Government

You will become familiar with the technical and legal aspects of e-government and learn about a variety of e-business models. You will analyse why companies get into digital business and which processes are involved. As well as key trends and drivers, you will also study popular e-business sectors and their business models, including customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, e-procurement and business intelligence management. You will also be introduced to areas closely related to e-business, such as enterprise application integration, electronic data interchange and security. You will consolidate these new skills by implementing an e-business strategy for a virtual enterprise.

What specialisations are available?

Specialisation takes the form of two project papers and the Master's thesis. This gives students the opportunity to work on project ideas drawn from their own workplace, or on research and development topics from the degree programme. Your projects will involve interdisciplinary topics at the interface between computer science, legal informatics, information law, management and organisation.