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In the sixth semester you will start your internship adventure and get your first experience of a real job. This is the chance to demonstrate your abilities in the professional world. The internship provides you with direct insight into the job and as well as valuable experience. You will also have the opportunity to apply skills you have learned on the programme.

You are free to choose the company or institution in which to complete your internship. Naturally, your activity there must be relevant to this programme. You may also choose to complete your internship abroad as part of a grant scheme.

You won’t be left on your own during this time: a member of the teaching staff will be available to you as a supervisor, on hand to give advice and assistance throughout your internship. They will ensure you are assigned responsible tasks, and help you with any questions or problems.

You benefit from our contacts; we enjoy close ties with editorial offices, businesses and agencies such as:

Duration of internship: 12 weeks
Period: March to June
Workload: min. 30 hours / week

What do our interns do?

The list of completed internships speaks for itself. Students have already worked in renowned editorial offices, communications departments and PR agencies at home and abroad. Many of them made themselves indispensable during their time there, and were subsequently offered a job after the internship.