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Food: Product and Process Design

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Key subject areas

Product Development & Innovation

You will explore the development of food products as well as the organisation of optimised processes and plants. You will also learn about the key innovative food and biotech processes used in raw materials preparation and food processing.


You will further develop your knowledge in the fields of quality management, food safety and regulatory compliance. You will also learn how to specifically apply sensor technology and instrumental analytics so as to ensure quality assurance across the food chain.


During the second and third semesters, you will work on an innovative project at your training company: from product and process development to quality and legal management. You will also undertake an interdisciplinary project on the issue of process development and management.

Hygienic Plant & Process Design

We provide you with the necessary foundations in chemistry, physics and microbiology, focusing on hygiene management and the hygienic design of plants and processes.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Small businesses such as commercial enterprises, farms and start-ups are a special focus of the education. In the degree programme you will expand your competences in the areas of business management and entrepreneurship.

Business Practice

From the very first semester, there is a transfer of knowledge from university to business practice and vice versa. You can select individual specialisations and further develop your application-oriented knowledge, e.g. in smart food production, to implement flexible, mobile and networked production systems.

What specialisations are available?

The co-op Master’s degree programme allows you to consolidate what you have learnt while working at your training partner company. You have the opportunity to specify your particular areas of interest while, at the same time, laying the foundation for your subsequent Master's thesis. So you can specify the field in which you wish to work in consultation with your training company. Since you’ll be working within the company in an interdisciplinary fashion, you’ll gain in-depth experience in various topics.