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To graduate from the Aviation programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes, including the internship
  • produce a Bachelor’s thesis which must receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Bachelor of Science (BSc)”.

Bachelor’s thesis

By means of the Bachelor’s thesis our students show that they can solve challenging problems in a structured way using scientific methods. This includes, first of all, limiting the size and content of the problem so that it can be addressed within the given time frame. The thesis itself comprises a description of the chosen approach and provides references to other research work. It lists the results obtained and subjects them to critical scrutiny. The students are supported through the continual supervision of teaching staff and the course Scientific Working Techniques.

The topic can be chosen from a list in the programme, and usually the suggestions of the teaching staff are directly related to the Institute’s research projects. Suggestions from students themselves are also feasible as long as they correspond to the thematic and formal prerequisites. Or the thesis is carried out in the course of the internship and usually revolves around the research problems of the company where the internship is being completed.

The head of the teaching and research staff approves the topics and the responsible supervisors in good time.

Bachelor’s examination

When the students have successfully completed all the courses and the internship, they can sit the Bachelor’s examination. In the first part of the examination they present their Bachelor’s thesis and answer questions from the examination board. The second part of the examination deals with a subject area thematically related to the Bachelor’s thesis.
The examination board is usually composed of the following three members:

  • The thesis supervisor
  • An examiner of the examination subject
  • Another teaching member of the institute

The main examination date is in September. Alternatively, students can also take the examination in July or in January of the following year.

After graduation

A direct career entry or a further degree programme is open to our graduates. The successive Aviation Master’s programme at FH JOANNEUM enables students to deepen their knowledge of aeronautics and gain special skills which will be of advantage in their professional career. Lists of elective subjects and the extended practical phases allow students in the Master’s programme to focus on particular core areas, for instance on aviation management. Collaborating in the “joanneum Aeronautics” student team gives students the opportunity to design and build their own aircraft and to take part in international competitions.

The Aviation Master’s programme also offers the opportunity to complete part of the programme at a partner university abroad or at a company abroad. Since the programme is taught in English, our students can perfect their language skills and at the same time ideally prepare themselves for work in an international environment.

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