Department of Health Studies

Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Analysis



What is the admissions process?

The online admissions process consists of

  • the submission of a full set of application documents,
  • an assessment test about the occupational field,
  • an assessment of your previous qualifications and professional experience and
  • an online interview.

The assessment test

You will be invited to the written assessment test if you meet the admission requirements and your application documents are complete and were submitted on time.

The online test covers the fundamentals of chemistry and molecular biology. It will show whether you are suited to the course and will be held on a fixed date.

The personal interview

All candidates are invited to a personal interview, which will take place either on the day of the assessment test or in the days after the test.

The online interview will be conducted by the admissions committee of the degree programme. It will last around 20 minutes.


The interview gives you the opportunity to demonstrate both your knowledge in the field and your motivation, suitability and talent for the chosen course of study and a subsequent career in this field. It’s in your hands to convince with your CV, your interest in the course content and your personality.

Assessment of previous qualifications

The form of your application, professional experience and relevant continuing education are taken into account as additional criteria for admission.