Department of Engineering

System Test Engineering

After Graduation


Career prospects

Graduates are able to analyse, verify and validate complex mechanical, electronic and software systems. They understand the test equipment required and use it to design automated measurement setups. They are also proficient in interpreting and documenting the measurement results, are familiar with the relevant development processes and share responsibility for requirements and quality management. Their expertise is in high demand in the semiconductor industry and the automotive sector.

Graduates can work in a variety of fields and in different roles, e.g.

  • Electronics test engineer
  • Automotive test engineer
  • Automated test equipment engineer
  • Digital test development engineer
  • Embedded systems test engineer
  • Manager in product and test engineering
  • Requirements and system test engineer
  • System test engineer
  • Systems and functional safety engineer
  • Test development engineer
  • Test engineer / test manager
  • Validation engineer / validation manager