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“The systematic testing of complex smart systems is one of the most challenging tasks for the future. With the new Master‘s degree programme, we are meeting this challenge by putting the knowledge and skills of leading experts from industry and academia at the disposal of our students.”

FH-Prof. Priv.-Doz. DI Dr. techn. Christian Vogel Head of the Institute of Electronic Engineering

We are offering a brand-new Master's degree programme which is tailored to the needs of industry. This will provide you with highly specialised technical knowledge in the areas of applied mathematics, software development & test automation and electronics & measurement engineering, including the latest findings in the field of testing. A key aspect of this programme is that testing requirements are taken into account early on in the development process. Our graduates are trained to work at the interface between system development and system testing.

The programme seeks to promote a critical awareness of testing issues in all core areas of the course. You will be provided with comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge in particular in the field of requirements & quality management. Combined with the specialisations in Semiconductor Testing and System Testing you will acquire specialist problem solving skills in the fields of research and innovation which allow you to gain new knowledge and develop new processes.

Key subject areas

We offer a completely new Master’s degree programme that is tailored to the needs of the industry. You will become an expert in the following fields:

Applied Mathematics

You analyse and visualise measurement data and apply methods of signal processing and machine learning.

Software Development & Test Automation

You develop automatic test software, establish data connections among measurement equipment, computers and devices under test and build up complex, automated measurement and test systems.

Electronics & Measurement Engineering

You analyse and test digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits, implement test circuits, design EMC compliant printed circuit boards for high frequencies and program microcontrollers and their interfaces.

Requirements & Quality Management

You implement test strategies, manage projects according to the V-model, understand the process of system and component qualifications and develop test specifications. You are familiar with measurement and test standards and reliability requirements for products and systems.

Communication & Project Management

You plan and implement projects in the field of testing and document, present and communicate the results and measurement data.

Master’s Thesis & Scientific Work

In your Master’s thesis you will carry out research in your specialised field and present the results in a scientific manner.


Semiconductor Testing & System Testing

You can specialise in the area of Semiconductor Testing and System Testing. Semiconductor Testing focuses on semiconductor verification, validation and production testing, whereas System Testing focuses on mechatronic systems such as automated and autonomous driving functions in vehicles in different testing environments.


The work-friendly organisation of the course means that modules are taught in blocks. During the first three semesters classes generally take place from Wednesday to Friday or Thursday to Saturday. There are three blocks of classes in the fourth semester. This allows for part-time work at an industrial company.