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To graduate from the Master’s degree programme in Banking and Insurance Management, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce a Master’s thesis, which must be approved
  • pass the Master’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Master of Arts in Business (MA)”.

Master’s thesis

During the third semester, our students devise a question, plan the structure of their Master’s thesis and compile a literature overview of the topic in question as part of a research seminar.

During the fourth semester, they present the progress made during their Master’s thesis as part of the Master’s seminar. Afterwards they discuss the topic, approach and implementation to date with the head of the seminar and other students.

The final version of the Master’s thesis is to be submitted on registration for the Master’s examination at the latest.

Master’s examination

The Master’s examination is a board examination marking the completion of the course after four semesters. It takes place before an exam board and is open to the public. The exam board comprises at least three people from the degree programme. The head of degree programme generally acts as the chair.

The examination comprises the following three components:

  • Presentation of Master’s thesis
  • Oral examination including cross-references from the Master’s thesis with relevant subjects from the curriculum
  • Examination based on a specific combination of subjects

After graduation

Our students have the advantage of being in employment while studying, allowing them to immediately put theory into practice. Following their studies, our graduates are employed in management roles and positions of responsibility in the insurance and financial sector.

They often work in the following fields:

  • Private and corporate client business
  • Risk management
  • Sales management
  • Corporate management
  • Asset management
  • Regulation and compliance

After completing their studies, they generally stick with their company.

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