Department of Media & Design

Visual Communication and Image Management

After Graduation


New career opportunities

As a graduate of the postgraduate Master’s course in Visual Communication and Image Management, you have developed your strategic expertise in image management and dealing with imagery and are qualified to hold a range of jobs and posts in the media and communication sector. The following sectors and institution types in particular offer opportunities for further development:

  • Creative industry
  • Content design agencies (content marketing / content strategy)
  • Information and communication design studios
  • Marketing, advertising and events agencies
  • PR agencies
  • Publishers, editorial departments and newsrooms
  • Picture desks and agencies
  • Press and PR departments of organisations / institutions / NGOs / political parties / interest groups, etc.
  • Pre-press sector
  • Media offices (e.g. production of corporate publishing products)
  • Photo agencies and photojournalism companies
  • Museums
  • Libraries / archives
  • Documentation centres
  • Research institutions
  • Universities

The training is practical and provides participants with career-specific expertise and practical skills at an academic level. Graduates are therefore well-equipped for the following fields of activity:

  • Planning and design of professional visual communication
  • Professional quality-based selection of photos, moving images and information graphics
  • Qualified analysis of photos, moving images and information graphics
  • Critical discourse on the application and use of visual materials
  • Development and support of visual content strategies on the web and in the social media
  • Management and organisation of complex imagery in corporate and organisational communication:
    • Digital research in image databases
    • Structure and organisation of technological solutions for media and image management
    • Image documentation and archiving
    • Briefing/project and production management with relation to visual media
    • Development of individual visual languages and styles
  • Ethically based decision making when it comes to critical image use
  • Realistic assessment of economic and legal aspects of the image market