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Visual Communication and Image Management

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In-person teaching and e-learning

The Master Certificate Programme in Visual Communication and Image Management is organised on a part-time basis, meaning classes are mainly on Fridays and Saturdays with occasional workday evenings. There are few in-person classes on campus, while most classes are held as supervised e-learning sessions involving either synchronous online teaching or asynchronous communication, including work assignments for students to complete on their own time. This makes it possible for people in employment to complete the course while working full time.


In principle FH JOANNEUM has an 80% attendance requirement for all courses. The programme head has the final decision on consequences of absence and justified exceptions from mandatory attendance. We will do our best to accommodate non-curricular activities of our students as long as these are related to design or are relevant to the course subjects.

Language of instruction

The programme is taught in German, with the exception of a few lectures and classes held by international guest lecturers.