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Student projects

On the Business Informatics degree programme you’ll work on student projects right from the first semester. They are often a means of getting a foot in the door of a subsequent employer. Working together with companies, students are involved in applied research and development work, handled by the R&D centre affiliated to the course.

In the fifth semester teams of students work on assignments arising out of a business enquiry or contact. Over a period of about four months each team spends between 300 and 600 person-hours on projects such as studies and surveys, developing concepts or implementing prototype software or hardware systems. The teams of students are supervised by a faculty member or a research assistant.

Current student projects

Digital media technologies 2 – Social Spot


The best way to learn about producing videos is to make your own: in the “Digital Media Technologies (DMT) 2” class, students produce a TV spot in HD quality on a specific topic. In the 2015 summer semester the theme was “Social Spot”. Students not only learn how to use audio and video equipment and editing software but also the basics of topics such as film production, editing, lighting and special effects. At the end of the semester the results are presented and released on YouTube (see Playlist below).

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Smart Physio

Presentation of the “Smart Physio” project.

The aim of the “Smart Physio” project was to design and develop applications for physiotherapy training and monitoring. The Physiotherapy degree programme provided the necessary technical expertise. The students developed software applications for smart watches, smart rings and other fitness trackers, thereby extending their skills in usability engineering, interface design and gamification.


The students put into practice knowledge acquired on the subject of networks.

What should the cloud networking architectures of the future look like? What service attributes characterise networks in cloud environments? How can the cloud be used in virtual network components? How can you ensure security and privacy in the cloud? The cloud@net_force project addresses these questions by developing and implementing a use case with a cloud network. The students put into practice knowledge acquired on the subject of networks.

  • Duration: 1 semester
  • Semester: 5th semester