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Business Informatics

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What is Business Informatics?

If you’re keen on computers and everything connected with them and also interested in business and are willing to keep updating your knowledge in a rapidly evolving world, then Business Informatics is the right degree programme for you.

As business informatics specialist you’ll develop innovative IT solutions and use information and communications technologies (ICT) to support new management processes in companies and institutions. Since information technology is used in virtually every business as well as in science and administration, you’ll find employment opportunities in practically every sector. Our graduates are typically employed by:

  • businesses which use information and communications technologies (ICT), especially technology-oriented manufacturers and service providers
  • businesses which offer products and services in the field of ICT, for example, hardware and software producers, network operators, etc.
  • system houses and management consultants
  • businesses which gather, organise and request information, for example, the media, online services, content providers, etc.

Students tend to find their way into the profession through projects undertaken with external partners, their internship or their degree thesis – so you’ll have plenty of opportunities during the course to get to know potential employers and make contacts.

What will I learn?

Information and communications technologies

You’ll start by learning the fundamental principles of computer science and becoming familiar with various operating systems. You’ll learn how to link and secure IT systems and acquire knowledge in the areas of network technology, the OSI layer model and network configurations, including for CISCO devices. Later on in the course you’ll evaluate cloud computing platforms, for example, study and develop cloud networking architectures and find solutions for optimised data and document management in business. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with our Network Technology, Telecommunications and IT Security (NWTS) Group.

Software and multimedia engineering

Creativity and knowing the right code are key here: working independently or in a group you’ll program tasks using Java, Scala and Python as well as apps for mobile devices or web content. You’ll work with multimedia, whether preparing projects in the form of videos, implementing solutions for commercial partners such as technical design for museum installations, designing and implementing mobile navigation systems or creating training and monitoring applications.

Management, business and law

Alongside the basic principles of project management, you’ll learn about process management, e-business, business processes and topics within business management and organisational development. You’ll explore enterprise engineering, a design-oriented approach which combines business and information science to develop methods for implementing business strategies efficiently and effectively. Law and economics, team training and negotiating techniques in English are also covered in this part of the course.

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