Department of Applied Computer Sciences

Business Informatics

After Graduation


Career paths

We aim to train experts in the use of information and communications technologies in positions of responsibility. Our students acquire expertise and skills in relevant areas of technology and business and are ideally equipped for a wide range of career options.

Our graduates are mainly employed initially in positions without managerial responsibility. Their strengths lie in their basic knowledge and their personal skills, especially their motivation, commitment and ability to work independently. With their highly developed soft skills, FH graduates generally stand out from the crowd.

The range of occupations open to our graduates is expanding dramatically due to the rapid development of information and communications technologies. There are no restricted areas and consequently potential employers for graduates from our degree programme operate in a wide variety of sectors, especially companies which use business informatics as a strategic tool for corporate planning and digital business processes.

The actual role which a graduate takes on in a company depends upon their interests and their particular specialisations: a graduate who has focused on IT management would be well equipped to go into management consulting, while someone with background knowledge of IT and business skills is ideally suited to working with information security systems or IT management systems.

For many areas a Bachelor’s degree is sufficient. However those graduates who would like to work in software development, strategic development, process management, IT reporting or in executive and management positions, are recommended to go on to take a Master’s degree.