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Study mode and attendance

Study mode

The Master's degree programme in Digital Entrepreneurship is organised in a work-friendly manner. This means attendance times are organised so that you can study while working part-time and starting your own business. You will thus have the opportunity to combine your studies, especially your projects and your Master's thesis, with a part-time job. Weekends are free. Some lectures are delivered in blended learning formats.


Classes are held all day Wednesday to Friday (9:00-18:00).

Self Study

Learning takes place not only in the lecture hall, but also outside of it. One ECTS credit point is equivalent to a workload of 25 to 30 hours. Each semester involves courses totalling 30 ECTS points - which is equivalent to about 750 to 900 working hours. Approximately one third of these are attendance times: instruction takes place in the lecture hall, and in the form of e-learning and excursions. Our students use the remaining time to prepare and follow up on courses and to prepare for their exams.

This Master's degree programme focuses primarily on self-directed group work in multidisciplinary teams. The number of hours of attendance on campus is therefore relatively low and strong emphasis is placed on students' ability to organise themselves and on entrepreneurial action and thinking. Students are supported by course mentors who accompany the work process.


In principle you are required to attend all lectures and classes at FH JOANNEUM. The degree programme is organised in a work-friendly manner, which means that classes are held from Wednesday to Friday. The proportion between semester hours per week and ECTS allows you to spend much of your study time with self-directed learning in small multidisciplinary teams.

The relevant provisions of the FH JOANNEUM Study and Examination Regulations also apply as amended.