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Praxisprojekte 4

Practice Projects

In the Startup Labs, multidisciplinary teams work on digital business ideas from the first to the third semester. The main points of emphasis are:

  • Startup Lab 1: Market Research and Testing for Business Case Assumptions
  • Startup Lab 2: Digital Business Case: Pitching Your Business to Investors
  • Startup Lab 3: Business Simulations and MVP Testing Procedures

At the beginning of the Master’s degree, students develop creative ideas and work out new solutions in design thinking workshops to identify problem areas and create digital products and services. Successful startup entrepreneurs act as coaches and support the students as they develop their digital business ideas. They guide the students to critical reflection processes on the marketability of their business ideas and provide continuous feedback on the students' pitch as well as on the simulations and testing procedures for their minimum viable product (MVP).

The Tech Labs provide the teams with technical support enabling them to test digital or hybrid business model variants. The results obtained from the Startup Labs are incorporated into the Master's thesis in the form of a minimum viable product or a prototype.