Department of Media & Design

Information Design



What is the admissions process?

The admissions procedure consists of:

  • application
  • portfolio with samples of your work
  • creative exam and personal interview

No specialist knowledge will be covered during the admissions process. The aim is not to test you but rather to find out whether the course is suited to you and whether you have the required skills. So make sure you come to the dates well-rested and with a positive attitude!

The The creative exam

You will be given spontaneous tasks covering the fields of visual communication, new media, art and culture.

The online interview

The interview will be conducted online via video call. The applicant must confirm that no unauthorised aids are used and no one else is present to help at the beginning of the online interview. The applicant must also present official photo identification.

In addition to questions about motivation, career plans, your expectations as well as your team skills and soft skills the interview may also examine subject-specific knowledge covering the fields of visual communication, new media, art and culture.

The interview will be conducted by the head of degree programme and another lecturer from the Institute and lasts 20 minutes. The interview is designed to find out if the programme is suitable for you, and if you have the necessary aptitude.


The admissions interview is your chance to introduce yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity and show why you should be awarded a place on the course.