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To graduate from the degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce two Bachelor’s theses which must both receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be "Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design (BA)“.

Bachelor’s theses

Students on our Bachelor's degree programme complete at least two written assignments from different modules. They are required to work on a problem within a specified period of time from a relevant subject area and with the support of a supervisor. Scope and level of difficulty depend on the time available for completion.

The topic of the first thesis is based on the lectures in the relevant field of specialisation in the fifth semester – Communication Design, Interaction Design or Media Design – and can be freely selected in consultation with the supervisor. A seminar is held providing technical support.

The second thesis is based on the internship, which our students complete in the sixth semester. This can, for example, take the form of a scientifically-based internship report. However, you may also put forward a topic that is not connected with your internship. Again, support is provided in a dedicated seminar focusing on the Bachelor’s thesis.

Bachelor’s examination

Students take their Bachelor’s examination after successfully completing all the classes of the degree programme and receiving a positive assessment from their internship.

The examination consists of an official oral exam before a relevant examination board made up of at least three and a maximum of four members. In the exam students are required to give a presentation on their theses and then discuss them and how they relate to relevant subjects within the curriculum.

After graduation

Our graduates can either choose to start work as soon as they’ve completed their studies or to continue their studies by joining a Master's degree programme, such as for example, Exhibition Design, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Media Design and Sound Design at FH JOANNEUM or other suitable programmes at another university.