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What is Information Design?


Information designers are experts in converting information into visual form. They plan and optimise communication processes in print, audio-visual and digital media. They design our immediate surroundings, allowing us to find our way around exhibitions and transport facilities easily, or use appliances intuitively.

“The breadth of subjects provides a good overview of the communications field and a good basic knowledge. The programme offers a good mix of theory and practice, at the same time encouraging individual creative abilities.”

Graduate and Red Dot Award winner Ricarda Schweigler

What will I learn?

Design skills

The Bachelor's degree programme provides students with the design skills necessary to understand and solve challenges creatively. They learn the tools of graphic and web design, the techniques of video production, how to create animations and design interactive elements and spaces. Usability design skills form the basis for designing user-friendly interfaces. Societal, social and historical design contexts as well as professional business skills round off the programme content.


From the fourth semester, students can choose to specialise in Communication Design, Media Design or Interaction Design. The three-month internship during the sixth semester can be completed either in Austria or abroad.