Department of Management

International Management

After Graduation


Career paths

International Management graduates are ideally placed to embark on a career in international and national management and the degree also provides them with a solid basis should they choose to continue their university education.

Our graduates can take up positions such as key account managers, brand managers or sales representatives in Austria or abroad. Graduates keen to work in the finance/accountancy field can apply for positions in controlling and/or finance departments. Our graduates also work in human resources management or manage branch offices of Austrian companies abroad.

Some graduates choose to undertake further study and join a Master’s degree programme. Here at FH JOANNEUM we have developed the English language Global Strategic Management programme. The curriculam is optimally aligned with the Bachelor’s programme. And the FH JOANNEUM Digital Entrepreneurship programme is a trailblazing Master's degree when it comes to the development and promotion of digital startups. International Management graduates can also choose to continue their studies at other universities in Austria and abroad.