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To graduate from the degree programme in International Management, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • successfully complete the internship
  • produce two Bachelor’s theses which must both receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)“.

Bachelor’s thesis

Our students write two Bachelor’s theses in which they are required to provide a scientific response to specific research questions. In the first thesis the response is given using a comparison with relevant specialist literature. In the second thesis students have to demonstrate their ability to apply theory to practice.

They need to show relevant use of appropriate analysis tools and also be in a position to explain the reasoning behind their choice of such tools. Ideally, the second Bachelor’s thesis should focus on a research question for a company. It is possible in principle for two students to write a thesis together but in this case it must be clear how the work on the various chapters and work packages has been shared. This enables the supervisor to make an individual assessment of the performance of each student.

While working on their Bachelor’s thesis, our students receive support from their supervisors at all stages of the writing process. As far as possible, students may choose their supervisor. Should it not be possible for a supervisor to agree to supervise a thesis due to individual workload reasons, students will be assigned a supervisor by the head of degree programme. The supervisor supports the student in formulating a topic and a research question, in selecting the most appropriate method for dealing with the research question and advises on relevant literature. We also support work on the Bachelor’s theses with specially designed online courses.

Bachelor’s examination

The International Management degree programme ends with a Bachelor’s examination held at the end of the sixth semester. This is an oral examination carried out before an examination board and is open to the public. Eligibility to take the examination depends on prior successful completion of all courses, the internship semester and both Bachelor’s theses. Students are sent an email confirming the examination date two weeks before it takes place.

The examination board is made up of at least three members, one of whom acts as chair. The examination lasts 45 minutes and consists of the following sections:

  • Presentation of the Bachelor’s theses
  • Questions on both Bachelor’s theses (thesis defence)
  • Questions from core subjects of the Bachelor’s programme in International Management

After graduation

International Management graduates have a wide range of opportunities available to them enabling them to extend their own skills through various forms of further study both in Austria and abroad. The FH JOANNEUM Master’s degree programmes in Global Strategic Management or in Digital Enrepreneurship perfectly complement and build on students’ previously acquired knowledge of international management.

Some of our graduates also choose to continue their studies at other universities in Austria. They have a broad range of Master’s degree programmes available to them, with specialisations in international relations, marketing and sales, human resources management or finance. Others choose to continue their studies and specialise by studying for a Master’s degree at a university abroad. Contacts made on the semester abroad can prove very helpful in such cases.