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The curricular backbone of the programme is formed by project work, deeply rooted in applying practically oriented skills. The students implement all steps of media design: from concept to various creative and technical production stages to post-production and publication.

Projects are often realized in interdisciplinary settings, in which students collaborate with students of the other study tracks "Communication Design", "Sound Design" and "Interaction Design". In addition, students carry out project work in cooperation with external partners and clients who define the thematic framework and accompany the work processes. These are usually cultural or socially committed institutions. Depending on the type of project, the students' work can also be shown publicly, for example at festivals, exhibitions or television broadcasts.

In addition, the opportunity to work on Master's theses as a contractor for external clients ensures a high level of practical relevance. These can be commercial enterprises as well as research institutions. We also involve particularly committed and talented students and graduates in research and third-party funded projects of the Institute of Design & Communication on an ongoing basis.

Current student projects