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1. Semester

Computer Science | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180832102 Computer Science 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Introduction: Computer Science, Information and Computer Science Efficiency and complexity Church-Turing Thesis and Von Neumann Model Logic, automata and language Programming: object-oriented, functional
Computer Science | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832101 Mathematics for Informatics 1 4 SWS 4 ECTS
Introduction: Sets and Logic Consequences and series: convergence, calculation rules, power series Functions: definition, properties, basic elementary functions Differential calculus: Derivation of functions in one or more variables and applications of differential calculus Integral calculation of functions in a variable and applications of integration
Computer Science | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832103 Operating Systems Basics 3 SWS 3 ECTS
Instruction Set Architecture: instruction set, programming model of a CPU operating systems file systems I / O subsystems Main memory management processor management
Databases | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832106 Relational databases 3 SWS 5 ECTS
Introduction to database systems Relational data model Data Manipulation Language and Host programming Language
Economic and Law 1 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832107 Communications in Engineering 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Consolidation and expansion of vocabulary, idiomatic and grammar knowledge on the basis of general and subject-specific topics, which are coordinated with the participants' previous knowledge Development of communication and interaction strategies Improvement of oral expression
Economic and Law 1 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180832108 Economic Fundamentals 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Fundamental principles of the term "economics"; Point of view of economic relations; Practical presentation of accounting and cost-accounting contexts, principles of tax theory
Programming 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832104 Network-Technologies 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Introduction Link Layer, Internet Data Transfer, Encapsulation, Ethernet, Cables, Hubs, Switches Wireless LANs, routing and network security Protocols, Internet and Web Technologies
Programming 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832105 Programming 1 4 SWS 6 ECTS
Introduction and data types Operators and control structures Arrays and functions Pointers, strings and command line parameters storage classes Type casting and File I/O,

2. Semester

Economic and Law 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180832208 HR Management and Employment Law 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Labor Law: Basic Principles of Individual Labor Law and Collective Labor Law (employment contract, service paper, employer, employee, type of employment, termination of employment, collective rights sources, company employment contracts, personnel management: personnel management: basic and basic conditions of a goal-oriented personnel management, personnel marketing, personnel development; With the production factor work, in particular with personnel management and personnel management (personnel requirement planning, personnel procurement, personnel development)
Economic and Law 2 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832207 Professional English 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Development of study-related and job-specific topics in English, critical examination of current developments in the area of ??new media. Training of the reading and listening comprehension by means of authentic materials in English, whereby the expansion of vocabulary is at the forefront.
Mathematics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832201 Mathematics for Informatics 2 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Graphs, properties and structures, adjacency matrix - Elementary graph problems such as Euler graph, Chinese Postman problem, minimal spanning tree problem, maximum flow problem, minimal editing problem, minimal cost flow problem, matching problem Algorithms for solving graphene problems such as Fleury, Kruskal, Prim, Dijkstra shortest path algorithm, Ford Fulkerson - Applications of Graphs as binary searches, transport problems, scheduling problems - Counting methods, combinatorics, generating functions - Vector spaces: definition, construction principles, linear combinations and linear independence, basis and dimension, unitary spaces - Matrices: Definition, bases, linear representations, eigenvalues ??and eigenvectors, singular value decomposition - linear systems of equations: definition, solution method
Programming 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832202 Database Design 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Design and development of a database application: -User and Authorization Management -System and database catalogs -SQL and application -views -SQL Functions -Stored Procedures -trigger -Design of database infrastructures -Kapazitätsbedarfsanalyse -distribution of databases
Programming 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832203 Programming 2 4 SWS 6 ECTS
Introduction to an object-oriented programming language: classes, objects, encapsulation - advanced object-oriented concepts: abstract classes, interfaces - Sorting data: Comparable and Comparator - Error handling: checked and unchecked exceptions - File access: streams, readers, decorators for streams, decorators for readers - Network access: sockets, server sockets - multithreading Threads, Critical Sections, Synchronization - GUI development
Software Engineering 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832204 Configuration Management 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Introduction to the technical environment of software projects and effective team work: - software project structure - source code versioning - automatic build - automatic tests - technical documentation.
Software Engineering 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832205 Data Structures and Algorithms 3 SWS 3 ECTS
Elementary data structures (fields, batch, queue). Asymptotic run-time analysis of programs (O-notation). Sorting procedure (insert, selection, quick-sort, merge location, heapsort, partition, i-largest number, randomization, lower runtime limits). Streaming storage (hashing, overflow lists, open addressing, hash functions). Search methods (sequential, binary, interpolative, quadratic binary search). Tree structures (binary trees, (a-b) trees, amortized restructuring costs, optimal search trees). Dynamic data management (dictionary problem, queue problem, union-finding problem). Algorithmic techniques (incremental insertion, elimination, divide & conquer, dynamic programming, randomization).
Software Engineering 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832206 Web Technologies & Usability 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Introduction to the Web & HTTP - HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) & Websites - CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) & Design Introduction to human-machine communication, psychology of human-machine communication - User Experience (UX) - Usability Engineering - Usability Benchmarking - Prototyping and tools - Evaluation of usability and user experience - Practical examples"

3. Semester

Internship 1 | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180832307 Seminar Internship 1 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This course is designed to guide students through the process of solving tasks when working in companies.
Software Engineering 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180832306 Agile Projectmanagement 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Requirements of project management in agile software projects Agile values ??(Agile Manifest), methods (Storyboards, PairProgramming, test drive development, refactoring and code review) and processes (XP, SCRUM, Kanban, etc.)
Software Engineering 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832303 Mobile Platforms 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Specificities of mobile applications in terms of interaction, operation and design; Overview of the different concepts of mobile apps (web, native, hybrid), current platforms and development possibilities, mobile concepts and prototypes
Software Engineering 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832305 Software Design 2 SWS 4 ECTS
Introduction in object-oriented software design; Modeling of software systems using UML; design principles; Introduction to design patterns; selected topics of software architectures
Statistics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832301 Statistics and Data Mining 3 SWS 5 ECTS
Introduction to the most important statistical procedures The exercise employs the statistical environment R. This course deals with the theoretical and technical foundations of the knowledge-finding process and data mining, including the following topics: - Mathematical foundations for data mining including probability theory, statistics and linear algebra - Programming methods for processing large amounts of data - Knowledge discovery process - Data Mining Algortihmen
Web Engineering | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832308 Business Communications 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Perfection of communication strategies needed for a professional conduct in the business world; cultural differences in business; main topics of interest: job satisfaction, management styles, business ethics as well as relevant aspects of e-business; strong emphasis is put on leadership and management
Web Engineering | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832302 Scripting 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Automation of processes using scripts such as Bash or Python (especially pattern matching and regular expressions). Configuration, maintainability, and reliability of scripts. Implementation as a filter. Good integrity in the system environment.
Web Engineering | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832304 Web Application Development 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Design and implementation of web applications. In addition to semantic HTML5 tags and canvas / SVG animations, the emphasis is placed on various JavaScript APIs. Using basic dynamic web applications, the basics of the access protocols and their possibilities (HTTP, request / response), session management, dynamic page / content creation, upload and download as well as simple backend functionality are communicated to the server. Furthermore, the basic functionality of asynchronous access (AJAX) on the server and client is mediated.

4. Semester

Internship 2 | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180832406 Seminar Internship 2 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This course is designed to guide students through the process of solving tasks when working in companies.
Mobile Development 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832403 Mobile Software Development 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Software Development on mobile devices with limited resources, design of mobile application architectures (server-client), working with frameworks and APIs, implementation of interactive mobile applications on current platforms with the appropriate development environments.
Mobile Development 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832404 Web Service Development 3 SWS 5 ECTS
Design and implementation of software for web service environments. Overview of different API concepts and formats. Planning of restful web services and applications on web application servers with consideration of the n-tier architecture; Implementation of distributed and heterogeneous software systems with consideration of serialization; Integration of cloud services and use of Web Sockets and Web RTC for Real Time Communication
Project 1 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180832408 IT Law 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Introduction to the legal foundations of IT. The course gives an overview of certain legal questions relevant in e-business projects (domain names, e-commerce law, intellectual property law, legal signature etc). A special focus is placed on the subject of copyright in e-Business (protection of software, websites, databases etc.)
Project 1 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832407 Negotiations 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Focus is put on key competences for future IT professionals. Consolidation of relevant skills for the students' later professional careers: Improvement of negotiation and meeting skills, critical reflection of relevant topics from the fields of business, law and engineering; English for specific purposes: specific language used in meetings and negotiations; simulated meetings in class. Further emphasis is put on application, interviews and training for assessment centres.
Project 1 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832401 Scientific Skills 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Mixed form between lecture, discussion, student elaboration and oral presentation based on written work and presentations from the specific subject areas. An important aspect is writing a scientific article.
Project 1 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832405 Seminar Mobile SW Development 3 SWS 4 ECTS
By working independently on projects of average difficulty students learn to apply project management skills.
Robotics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832402 Robotics 2 SWS 5 ECTS

5. Semester

Economic and Law 3 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180832509 Process and Qualitymanagment 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Modeling and analysis methods of process management and quality management, processes of operational service provision (Cost, time, quality, flexibility)
Economic and Law 3 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832508 Technical Documentation 2 SWS 2 ECTS
In the course students improve their technical and academic writing skills. The following topics will be dealt with in detail: - writing different types of texts - acquiring strategies that help students comprehend and independently write complex, technical and scientific texts - extending their technical and academic vocabulary
Internship 3 | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180832507 Seminar Internship 3 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This course is designed to guide students through the process of solving tasks when working in companies.
Projektwork Mobile Development | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832505 IT Security 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Students learn about methods for the practical implementation of security solutions on different levels of IT-systems, based on scientific-technical foundations such as kryptography or basic IT-technologies (network- and server technologies, programming)
Projektwork Mobile Development | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832504 Native Mobile Development 3 SWS 3 ECTS
Special features of mobile operating systems in terms of framework design, security and performance; Deepen the safety concepts of different platforms; Development of native applications on current platforms
Projektwork Mobile Development | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832506 Projectwork 2 SWS 5 ECTS
Students work on projects of moderate difficulty that are relevant to their studies.
Software Engineering 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832502 Continuous Delivery 2 SWS 3 ECTS
The course deals with the techniques, processes and tools for the delivery of software. The topics covered are continuous integration, test automation, build server and continuous installation. The content is taught both theoretically and practically
Software Engineering 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832503 Requirements Engineering 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Analysis and modelling of functional and non-functional requirements of software systems: (i) UML modelling (User Case-, Activity-, State-, Class-Diagram); (ii) Object-oriented analysis; (iii) Requirements engineering process; (iv) Requirements management; (v) Prototyping.
Software Engineering 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832501 Software Quality 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Practical approaches to improve the quality of software: debugging, software inspection, software testing (unit-, integration-, system- and performance tests), test case design, verification and validation in the software development process.

6. Semester

Bachelor Thesis | Modul/Final Examination (FA) | Coursecode: 180832605 Bachelor Exam 0 SWS 1 ECTS
Bachelor Thesis | Bachelor's Thesis (BA) | Coursecode: 180832603 Bachelor thesis 4 SWS 9 ECTS
Students work independently on predefined topics (sometimes in cooperation with partner companies) that are based on any of the fields taught in the bachelor programme. They develop and describe solutions to given problems by applying scientific approaches.
Bachelor Thesis | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832604 Bachelor Thesis Seminar 2 SWS 3 ECTS
This course is designed to guide students through the process of writing their bachelor thesis. This includes techniques for structuring and designing scientific papers. Students are meant to apply in their bachelor thesis the skills they have acquired throughout their studies.
Bachelor Thesis | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832607 Presentation Skills 2 SWS 2 ECTS
This course aims to develop the skills needed in order to be able to successfully deliver a presentation in English. It systematically takes students through the key stages of presentations, from planning and introducing to concluding and handling questions. Students also learn how to design effective slides for their presentations. By the end of this term students should have improved their presentation skills (including their body language, rhetorics and communication strategies) in order to be able to give a clear, well-organized presentation in English.
Internship 4 | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180832606 Seminar Internship 4 2 SWS 5 ECTS
This course is designed to guide students through the process of solving tasks when working in companies.
Mobile Development 2 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180832602 Mobile Software Solutions 3 SWS 6 ECTS
Development of an Open Source Mobile solution (server, database, clients) under real world conditions: - agile development methods (XP, Scrum) - distributed developer teams - Continuous integration: source code repository, automatic build, automatic tests, automatic source code analysis, automatic documentation - Application Monitoring
Mobile Development 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180832601 Parallel Computing 2 SWS 4 ECTS
Students learn the principles of parallel programming; Amdahl's Law, Parallel Algorithms, Functional Programming, High Performance Architectures and Concurrent Programming in Practice. The content is taught both theoretically and practically.