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What is Mobile Software Development?

Today smart and mobile solutions are an integral part of software development. However, mobile applications have their own specific requirements in terms of implementation and operation. This faces IT specialists with a continual flow of new challenges. On this Bachelor's degree programme you will study all aspects of mobile software development, and help design tomorrow's digital technologies. And that twofold; learning the theory at university and then putting it into practice in a company.

The innovative course is being offered in cooperation with CAMPUS 02 and the Graz University of Technology.

Co-op programme

A core aim of the Bachelor's degree programme in Mobile Software Development is to enable students to combine work with study. This not only allows existing IT professionals to study further, but also enables young people to gain work experience while studying.

The first two semesters of the programme are run on a full-time basis at the university. Starting in the second year, the programme allows you to put your theoretical know-how into practice by working at a training company. The programme involves a total of four practical phases spent working at training companies supervised by FH JOANNEUM. This ensures the close interlinking of theory and practice from the third through to the sixth semester.

Read more in the section Co-op programme.

What will I learn?

The programme focuses on the innovative software solutions needed to meet the technological challenges of digitalisation. We will provide you with a solid theoretical and practical education in the field of mobile software and app development. As well as the basics of computer sciences, programming and databases, we will teach you the principles of IT, including software engineering, web engineering and mobile development. Another important part of the programme covers the secure use of clouds and networks. You will learn about the various technologies behind the terms web, cloud, cluster and server in detail, and understand how they work.

You will apply this theory in practical exercises at the university and during the four practical phases spent working in your training company. Your specialist know-how will be supplemented with subjects including business, IT law and languages as well as social and communication skills. During your project in the fifth semester and your Bachelor’s thesis in the sixth semester, you can specialise in a specific field of applied computer sciences, reflecting the business activities of your training company, for example.

Network technologies. Programming. Databases.

On the programme you will learn the fundamental principles of developing software systems and network technologies. As programming can only be learned through practice, the courses focus on practical exercises. You will learn how to avoid common programming errors, and to write readable and robust programmes. We will also provide detailed teaching on the subject of databases. For example, you will design and develop a database application and learn about the modelling and implementation of relational databases.

Software Engineering. Software Design. Web Engineering.

On the programme you will be made familiar with configuration management, data structures and algorithms, as well as web technologies, user-friendly design and human computer interaction. We will introduce you to the principles of software design: in addition to common software architectures, you will be made familiar with the most important software systems, design patterns and design principles. In the Web Engineering module you will learn how to design, develop and implement web applications. The topics range from access protocols and session management to dynamic content creation. You will also learn the basics of interaction, operation and design required for mobile app development.

Mobile Solutions. Mobile Application Development. Web Service Development.

The programme focuses on mobile software solutions and their associated web-based back-end systems. This includes learning about and understanding topics including server infrastructure, cloud services and client apps on various platforms. In the Mobile Development module you will learn to design, develop and implement software on mobile devices, as well as interactive applications on current platforms. You will examine the design of software architectures for mobile applications, and learn to work with frameworks and programming interfaces. Furthermore, we will teach you the fundamental principles behind the design and implementation of software for web-service environments. You will also learn the details of mobile operating systems with respect to framework design, security and performance, and examine the security concepts behind various platforms.

A highlight of the programme lies in creating your own mobile Open Source solution.