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Co-op programme

Study mode

The programme is run on a full-time basis during the first academic year, and as a co-op programme from the third semester onwards. During the first two semesters students will primarily be taught by lecturers from the Faculty of Computer Science at the Graz University of Technology: during the first semester lectures are held at FH CAMPUS 02 Graz, and during the second at FH JOANNEUM Graz.

The third semester onwards involves alternating phases of theory and practice: You are required to attend courses at FH JOANNEUM Kapfenberg on only two days a week – Monday and Tuesday. During the rest of the week students work part-time for partner companies in this field. The obligatory practical phases are scheduled from Wednesday to Friday, in coordination with the training companies. This results in an internship which runs over four semesters.

40% of teaching takes place online, which means alternating classroom teaching and online study. One week is spent at the university during the third, fourth and fifth semesters, for special laboratory practicals and hands-on exercises.

The workload and organisation of the course including practical phases are designed to be manageable for students.


The amount of self-study always depends on the student’s own level of commitment and ambition.


Attendance is compulsory during the specified attendance times. Students are excused in cases of illness after producing a medical certificate from a doctor. Final judgement on the implications of absence and on exceptions to the attendance requirement will be made by the head of institute.

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