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Study mode, self-study and attendance

The course is organized in a work-friendly format allowing a part-time occupation: there are two weekdays of on-campus lectures, one evening/afternoon of online lectures and two blocked on-campus weeks during the semester.

Absences resulting from professional commitments can be discussed individually and approved where appropriate.


The success of independent study depends on a student’s level of commitment and ambition. Naturally, the Master’s degree programme is not only taught in the lecture halls, but also in the form of excursions, project workshops, and online lectures and individual e-learning assignments. Independent course preparation and follow-up as well as exam preparation are key aspects of self-study.


In principle you are required to attend all lectures and classes at FH JOANNEUM. You will be officially excused for periods of illness on producing a medical certificate. You may miss a limited number of units per semester and course; if you miss more units than specified in the syllabus your performance will be judged as unsatisfactory and you will be disqualified from sitting the first examination. Final judgement on the implications of absence and on exceptions to the attendance requirement will be made by the head of degree programme.