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Internship abroad

Radiography students have the opportunity to complete an elective internship abroad in their fourth semester. This gives our students a fresh perspective, and allows them to combine their current state of knowledge with the local realities. In addition to practical experiences, students have the opportunity to extend their social skills. The experiences our students bring back with them on their return to FH JOANNEUM benefit both their colleagues and the degree programme as a whole.

From the third semester onwards, studies are also designed to improve English language skills. The international coordinator helps students in finding and organising an internship where necessary. We are currently compiling a database of various internship positions available abroad.

Radiography students at FH JOANNEUM have completed foreign internships in countries including Tanzania, the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Hawaii and Slovenia. Whether experience using state-of-the-art medical equipment, or the social experiences automatically associated with spending time in a developing country with a low medical status, our students profit from their experiences in a whole manner of ways.

How does it work?

Normally Radiography students use the summer between their fourth and fifth semesters to complete an internship abroad. In principle, our students are required to organise their own internships. This encourages their organisational independence, a skill which will be particularly important in their professional life.

Often the elective internship is combined with a compulsory internship prescribed for the fourth semester in order to enhance the international experience and learning effect. Applications can be made for Erasmus funding for internships lasting for a minimum of two months.

Partner universities

Our partner university in Pècs, Hungary, regularly sends radiography students to FH JOANNEUM to complete part of their practical training in Graz. The students spend an average of three months with us and are assigned a mentor from the degree programme. The head of degree programme regularly holds feedback discussions to ensure the success of the practical course elements. Our students can also attend our partner university in Pècs.

If Radiography students are interested in specialist courses run at other universities, then contact can be initiated via the Department for International Relations.

Help & contact

International Coordinator at the Institute of Radiography:

Your contact:
Evelyn Huber, BSc, MBA
T: +43 316 5453 6574


Before embarking on your stay abroad, you can find out about the exact process, language offers and services available at FH JOANNEUM. Important details about the semester abroad can be found here. Interested in undertaking an internship abroad? Then you can find out all the information you need here.

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