Department of Building, Energy & Society

Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management

After Graduation


Career paths

Thanks to their interdisciplinary training, our graduates are in demand in many sectors. They often start out their careers in project management. Their fields of work range from the classic energy industry to environmental technology, sustainability management, the recycling industry, mobility planning, the transport sector and start-ups.

Our graduates frequently work on projects: they build power stations, integrate traffic management systems, improve logistics processes and work on environmentally-friendly waste disposal systems. They work for companies in Austria and abroad and are therefore required to demonstrate their skills on the international stage.

We recommend that graduates wishing to progress to management roles in international companies continue their academic studies, by completing the English-language Master’s degree programme in Energy and Transport Management at FH JOANNEUM, for example. This gives our graduates the opportunity to deepen their newly-acquired knowledge in the fields of energy and mobility.