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To graduate from the degree programme in Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes and internships
  • produce a two-part Bachelor‘s thesis which must receive a pass mark
  • pass the Bachelor’s examination

Your title on graduation will be “Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)”.

Bachelor’s thesis

Our students conclude their degree programme by submitting a Bachelor’s thesis and a report on their internship.

Students select a scientific topic which is relevant to the programme for the first part of their Bachelor’s thesis. They might choose to conduct an extensive literature search on a specific topic, for example. They can either choose the topic themselves, or decide upon a subject in cooperation with a company. The options are many and varied: ideas may include examining existing facilities, surveying mobility streams, or working on concepts for improving energy efficiency or logistics. Market analyses and economic studies are other possibilities.

The second part of the Bachelor’s thesis consists of a report about the semester spent on an internship. Students describe the company in which they completed their internship, give a detailed overview of their activities, and make a self-critical analysis of their area of responsibilities.

The Bachelor’s thesis must meet the degree programme's specifications for academic work.

Bachelor’s examination

Bachelor’s examinations are usually held after students have successfully completed their sixth semester. The examination board is chaired by the head of degree programme. The board additionally includes a lecturer from the degree programme, as well as the supervisor of the Bachelor’s thesis.

Students first present their Bachelor’s thesis in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. They are then questioned on their work and other relevant degree programme content by the examination board. This tests their skills in adopting an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems.

After graduation

Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree programme are eligible to study for a Master’s degree in Energy and Transport Management at FH JOANNEUM which is taught in English. This offers graduates the opportunity to extend their knowledge in the many areas related to energy and mobility. By continuing with further academic qualifications, graduates improve their career opportunities.

Our graduates are also eligible to join other Master’s degree programmes at FH JOANNEUM and other universities, both in Austria and abroad. Graduates can, of course, immediately enter the job market and put their newly-gained knowledge into practice.