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Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management

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What is Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management?

We design the future. The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s course is unique in Europe in bringing together the key issues of the next few decades – climate and environmental protection, innovative mobility systems and smart energy. Climate change, electric mobility and smart cities will pose technological and social challenges for us all in the near future. It is our responsibility to manage these challenges in the most innovative, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way possible.

On this industrial engineering programme you will learn to identify and analyse problems related to energy, mobility and environmental management, as well as to develop solutions which will benefit business and society. We offer you comprehensive training with a focus on project management, ranging from sustainable environmental technologies and intelligent mobility systems through to modern management.

We believe in the value of personal contact with our students and so the courses have a practical focus and are taught in small groups. You will also learn soft skills, languages and presentation techniques, and lay the foundations for successful entry into the world of work through practical projects run in cooperation with our partners in business and industry.

Demand for experts in energy management, mobility planning and corporate environmental management remains high. Our graduates are much sought-after: they work at the interface between technology and business and use their subject expertise to shape the world we will live in tomorrow.

Flexible in terms of time

A fully-fledged degree programme with more time for work and leisure? Our work-friendly degree programme can be optimally combined with your private life or part-time employment up to a maximum of 20 hours per week. However, a job is not a prerequisite for the Work-friendly degree programme. What is the daily study routine like? Courses take place from Wednesday to Friday at the FH JOANNEUM. In addition, parts of the lectures are held online or asynchronously to enable flexible learning. The first week of each semester is planned as an attendance week for team building and immersion in the programme. Absences for professional reasons can be discussed individually and authorised if necessary.

#Practise, #Softskills und #Greenjobs

Practical experience, soft skills and interconnected thinking are all important qualities in professional life. For this reason, this course provides soft skills, foreign languages and presentation techniques alongside the technological aspects. The foundations for a successful start in the professional world are laid through practical projects with cooperation partners from business and industry.

The Green Economy develops jobs which do not yet exist. Get equipped for the green jobs of the future. Demand for experts in the fields of corporate environmental management, mobility systems and energy management will continue to grow. Our graduates are in very high demand in the professional world, working at the interface between business and technology.

Degree Programme
Energy, Mobility and Environmental Management 15
Degree Programme 1

What will I learn?

Sustainable environmental technologies

Prudent use of our limited resources is the only way to secure our future. Modern environmental management is a key topic for companies in different sectors. In order to achieve our climate goals, it is essential to monitor emissions, curb problems relating to particulate matter emissions and devise a reliable circular economy. You will acquire the necessary knowledge in the fields of environmental law, resource management, environmental process engineering or the management of environmental projects. You also have the opportunity to specialise further, gaining certification as a waste management or environmental protection officer, for example. Experts in modern environmental management are highly sought after in many industrial sectors.

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Modern energy concepts

Tomorrow’s cities and regions need modern and innovative energy systems for sustainable development. On the degree programme you will learn about the latest ideas in this field from a practical perspective. This includes the production of electrical and thermal energy in power plants, distribution in power, heat and hybrid networks, and the storage of energy generated by household photovoltaic installations. You will learn about these systems both from a technical viewpoint, as well as examining their economic feasibility and environmental impact. In order to meet the demands of industry, we also train you in industrial energy efficiency, low carbon technologies and energy management.

Intelligent mobility systems

Increasing urbanisation increases the demands placed on our transport networks and mobility systems. Urban centres in particular are struggling with increased traffic volumes, particulate pollution and congested transport networks. Tomorrow’s cities need intelligent mobility concepts to improve quality of life and reduce their environmental impact. On this degree programme you’ll learn strategies for optimising public and private transport. We give you the tools you need to analyse and plan modern mobility systems and logistics concepts. The programme also examines smart cities, sustainable future concepts and innovative mobility solutions such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and soft mobility in order to familiarise you with the state-of-the-art technology in this field.

Modern management

Business management know-how and the ability to communicate professionally with a range of colleagues in technology, management, industry, and the public sector are some of the most important factors for success in working life. During your studies, you will learn about the management world, from sustainability management to investment appraisals and marketing plans. Lectures in innovation management, marketing and project management provide the expertise required for a confident start to working life.

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