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Students must pass all the classes on the Bachelor’s degree programme in order to graduate. They must have successfully completed the compulsory internship and have acquired extensive practical knowledge. Bound copies of the Bachelor’s theses must be submitted.

Your title on graduation will be "Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design (BA)“.

Bachelor’s theses

In the course of the Bachelor’s degree programme students produce two separate academic papers in two different modules. These theses demonstrate that the student is capable of dealing with a problem in a specialist area within a specified timeframe under the guidance of a supervisor and of presenting the results appropriately.

The first Bachelor’s thesis is written in the fifth semester as Project 3. Working in design also means functioning as part of a team, and so the first research phase takes the form of a group assignment. This also gives students the opportunity to enhance their proficiency in creativity techniques, using research and analysis tools, precise drafting techniques, creating complex CAD models, modelmaking skills and 3D printing.

The second thesis is produced in the seminar that accompanies the internship in the sixth semester at the end of the course. It takes the form of a report reflecting on the internship in theoretical terms. In addition students prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the two Bachelor’s theses which is presented as part of the final examination.

Bachelor’s examination

  • Students take the Bachelor’s examination after successfully completing the compulsory internship.

  • In the examination students present their two Bachelor’s theses, defend them before an examination board and answer questions on how the topic relates to relevant subjects in the curriculum.

  • The examination board consists of the chairperson (head of degree programme) and two additional members, usually the thesis supervisors. Where students have undertaken cooperative projects with industrial partners, representatives from the firm may also be present.

After graduation

We recommend our Bachelor’s graduates continue their education by enrolling on the Master’s degree programme in Industrial Design at FH JOANNEUM. The content and curricula of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees dovetail with one another. Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree course automatically meet the entrance requirements for admission to the Master’s programme in Industrial Design. Graduates holding a Bachelor’s degree in the field of industrial design from other educational institutions can also apply to take a Master’s at the FH JOANNEUM if they meet the admission criteria.