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What is Industrial Design?

We design products and systems of the future.

A growing trend towards design is becoming increasingly apparent everywhere around the world. Industrial design focuses on industrially manufactured products and systems. While many designers specialise in aesthetic object design, there is a lack of designers with knowledge of construction, electronics, marketing or ergonomics. Consequently, our industrial design education takes a technical and functional approach. We design products and systems that can be manufactured on an industrial scale – from ski boots to ticket vending machines, from drills to laptop computers, from cars to helicopters

What will I learn?

Alongside teaching design principles as well as graphical and technical skills, the degree programme is centred on developing students’ problem-solving ability. You’ll also learn about the principles of science and engineering as well as completing an internship semester away from the university.

Product and transportation design

Product and transportation design are deliberately given equal emphasis. The two disciplines complement one another well: product design develops students’ technical and functional problem-solving ability, while transportation design focuses on the emotional and aesthetic aspects of the product language, thereby fulfilling two essential requirements of professional industrial design.

Presentation techniques and construction

Another important element of the degree programme is studying various presentation techniques. Here you’ll get plenty of practice sketching objects quickly and accurately by hand. However the curriculum also covers the presentation of objects through computer-generated 2D and 3D graphics. You’ll also acquire the comprehensive technical knowledge needed to build and manufacture your designs.