Department of Engineering




What is the admissions process?

Depending upon the COVID-19 situation at the time, the admission procedure 2021 will either be carried out on site or online. You will find all details here shortly. You will also receive an e-mail with all important information in good time before the admission procedure.

The admissions process consists of:

  • a full set of application documents,
  • completion of a subject-specific task,
  • an assessment of your previous qualifications and professional experience and
  • an interview with the admissions committee.

The form of the application will also be taken into consideration.

Please note: The admissions process will be conducted in English.

Completion of a subject-specific task

You will be invited to proceed in the admissions process if you meet the entry requirements and your application documents are complete and were submitted on time.

The subject-specific task is designed to show whether you are suited to the course and will take place on a fixed date.

You must complete tasks from the following areas in writing:

  • Aeronautical engineering, including fundamentals of aviation, propulsion, thermodynamics and aerodynamics, lightweight structures & composite materials, flight dynamics and control theory, avionics & air traffic control
  • Aviation management
  • Aviation English
  • Fundamentals of science, including mathematics, physics and informatics
  • Fundamentals of mechanical engineering
  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering

The test must be completed in 120 minutes.

The personal interview

All applicants are invited to an interview. During the admissions interview the candidates will be required to present themselves and reflect on their CV. Each part lasts around five minutes and must take place without the use of written aids (e.g. presentation cards, notes or similar).

The interview will be conducted by the admissions committee of the degree programme. It will last around 20 minutes.


It’s in your hands to convince with your CV, your interest in the course content and your personality.

Assessment of previous qualifications

The form of your application, professional experience and relevant continuing education are taken into account as additional criteria for admission.