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Student projects

Projects are considered very important in the Aviation programme and pursue two goals: group projects develop our students’ ability to work in a team, and they will also learn to carry out demanding practical tasks from the aviation industry independently. Through projects and the Master’s thesis they will not only acquire the competence to systematically solve technological and scientific challenges, but also deepen their specialised knowledge and their soft skills. This involves working with other students, organising work and processes, and writing technical reports and scientific papers. Supervisors from the subject area will guide them and help them complete their tasks successfully.

Current student projects


The JOANNEUM AERONAUTICS team is composed of aeronautics students from the Master’s and Bachelor’s Aviation programmes. The aim of the team is to take part regularly in international contests and compete against teams from other universities. The project gives our students the opportunity to work on challenging aeronautical problems with a high degree of responsibility and independence. The team should ultimately be supported by sponsorships. The cooperation between team members and industry should also facilitate the search for internships and topics for the Master’s thesis – as well as entry into professional life.

  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters
  • 1st and part of 2nd semester
  • Project manager / contact: DI (FH) Lukas Andracher
  • Link: