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To graduate from your degree programme, you must:

  • successfully complete all the classes
  • produce a diploma thesis which must receive a pass mark
  • pass the diploma examination

Your title on graduation will be “Dipl.-Ing. or DI – Diplomingenieur / Diplomingenieurin für technisch-wissenschaftliche Berufe”.

Master’s thesis

The diploma thesis is a piece of academic work whose starting point is the presentation of a design process. The thesis must provide evidence of research and analysis of the theme and present the various phases of the structured design process. The end result must be compiled in a book which includes both graphics and text and must be demonstrated by means of a model. In exceptional circumstances theses based on other key thematic areas of the course will be accepted.

The diploma thesis must be compiled in the fourth semester. Work on behalf of commercial partners is welcome but must be approved individually by the head of degree programme. The students will learn step by step how to plan and structure a scientifically sound thesis starting as early as in the third semester. The diploma thesis seminar will provide them with strategies for compiling a thesis and familiarise them with the issues of plagiarism and citation.

Each student will be allocated a supervisor for their Diploma thesis, who will provide feedback on their progress in one-to-one sessions. The Diploma thesis will be marked by the supervisor.

Master’s examination

At the end of the fourth semester, and following successful completion of all the courses, the diploma examination takes place in front of an examination board made up of subject experts. The examination comprises the following parts:

  • Presentation of the diploma thesis in English
  • A defence of the thesis in German
  • Oral examination about the topic of the thesis and its links to relevant subjects of the curriculum
  • Oral examination about other subjects relevant to the curriculum

Each student will receive the result of this examination immediately after the examination has taken place. A confident approach and good communication skills are as important to the examination as extensive knowledge of the subject.

After graduation

The Architecture degree programme provides wide-ranging and intensive training. Our graduates are capable of carrying out design, technical or constructional assignments in architectural or planning offices or managing construction projects. Many of our graduates also aspire to employment in the public sector, in management positions or in research and development. Their expertise is also much sought after by general contractors, construction companies and property developers.

A further option after the Master's degree is to complete a doctoral degree or pursue advanced design or technical fields of study at a university. Another strategy after graduating in architecture might be further specialisation via part-time course of study. This offers endless opportunities for becoming an expert in a particular specialisation.