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1. Semester

Basics of Technology (with tutorials) | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679106 Basics of Technology (with tutorials) 3 SWS 3 ECTS
Master forming, reforming, cutting, joining, coating, changing material properties. Practical work in the workshop. An excursion is planned with students during this course.
Engineering Mechanics 1 (Statics) | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679107 Engineering Mechanics 1 (Statics) 4 SWS 5 ECTS
The subject and subdivision of Mechanics; An outline of the Vector Algebra; Axiomatic foundation of Newtonian Mechanics; Basic concepts and principles of statics of rigid bodies; Concurrent and general systems of forces; Equilibrium conditions; Friction; Distributed forces; Centre of mass and centre of gravity; Load bearing structures; Static determinateness; Stress resultants
English Foundation Bachelor's | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679110 English Foundation Bachelor's 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Communicative grammar; short presenations on selected topics; practice of oral English language skills.
Informatics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679102 Informatics 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Basics of programming, memory management, loops, queries, structures, objects, graphic elements, creation of executable applications
Introduction to Automotive Engineering | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679109 Introduction to Automotive Engineering 1 SWS 2 ECTS
History of street vehicles. Legal requirements and testing of street vehicles. Types of vehicle. Development process of a series vehicle. Construction of vehicles: body and frame, drivetrain, chassis, passanger compartment, auxilliary systems. Handling.
Natural Sciences: Chemistry and Physics | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679103 Chemistry 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Composition of an atom and the periodic table, chemical bonds, behaviours of fluids and gases, chemical reactions, thermochemistry, chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry, basics of organic checmistry, petroleum and its products, alternative fuels, introduction to polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry. An excursion with the students is planned during the course.
Natural Sciences: Chemistry and Physics | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679104 Physics 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Overview of the historical progression of the principles of classical mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and optics. An excursion with the students is planned during the course.
Selected Fundamentals in Mathematics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679101 Engineering Mathematics 1 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Real-valued functions of one variable (properties, graphs, and operations), one-variable calculus (limit of a function, derivative, differentiation rules, Riemann integration and integration techniques), algebra of complex numbers, vector algebra, analytical geometry, linear systems of equations and matrices,...
Technical Drawing and Introduction to CAD | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679105 Technical Drawing and Introduction to CAD 3 SWS 5 ECTS
Types of drawings and diagrams. Title blocks. Dimensioning. Tolerances and fits. Surface specifications. Materials specifications. Heat treatment specifications. Coating layers. Illustration of fasteners. Literature. Discussion of example drawings. Use of the computer in product development.
Written Communication with Coursework | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679108 Written Communication with Coursework 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Methods and techniques of scientific writing. Components and construction of technical or scientific written work. Technical-scientific writing style. Text composition and manipulation using specialised software.

2. Semester

Business Administration | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679208 Business Administration 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Introduction to business administration and accounting in companies, including balance sheet analysis and basics of cost accounting
Engineering Mathematics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679201 Engineering Mathematics 2 5 SWS 6 ECTS
Power series, Ordinary Differential Equations (classes of ODEs, analytical and numerical solution of ODEs), linear algebra (matrices, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, diagonalization of matrices, numerical methods in linear algebra), coupled systems of ODEs (analytical and numerical solutions), integral transforms (Laplace and Fourier transform).
English for Automotive Engineers 1 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679210 English for Automotive Engineers 1 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Specialised vocaulary on automotive topics and systems (chassis, engine, transmission, brakes etc.); communicative grammar; culture and society; presentations.
Introduction to Electrical Engineering | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679204 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Introduction to electric circuits. Application of circuitry laws. Switching operations of inductors and capacitors. Features of the AC signal. Measurement of electric quantities.
Law | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679209 Law 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Overview and basics of private law, civil and commerical law, corporate law, tax law and labour law
Materials Science 1 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679205 Materials Science 1 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Fundamentals of materials, such as structure, space lattice, alloys, iron-carbon diagram; current parameters for the description of material characteristics and associated test methods; overview of materials and their charactistics used in vehicles
Programming & Project Management | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180679206 Project "Programming" 1 SWS 3 ECTS
Seminar: interdisciplinary learning, software documentation, presentaion, software development.
Programming & Project Management | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679207 Project management 1 SWS 1 ECTS
Employing basic theoretical knowledge in project work and bachelor's thesis
Software Development | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679203 Software Development 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Basics of ANSI-C programming language: data types, control structures, dynamic memory allocation, working with files, data exchange with Matlab. Introduction into Matlab / Simulink: data types, use of the library and functions, graphic data output, generation and integration of C code
Strength of Materials 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679202 Strength of Materials 1 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Introduction: strength of a material and of a component, the calculation of strength; Mechanical bahaviour of materials and constitutive laws; Uniaxial stress: normal stress and strain, Hooke’s law, thermal strain and thermal stresses, calculation of statically indeterminate systems, the principle of superposition; Shear stress and strain; Analysis of stress and strain: general (triaxial) state of stress and strain, generalized Hooke’s law, plane stress and plane strain conditions; Failure hypotheses: equivalent stress, maximum normal and maximum shear stress criteria, maximum distortion energy criterion

3. Semester

Electrical Machines and Inverters | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679305 Electrical Machines and Inverters 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Overview of current types of engine construction and their control hardware. Fuction, construction and mathematical description of electromagnetic energy conversion in step, direct, BLDC, sychronus and asychronus motors and their behaviour in steady and non-steady states; design criteria; similarity characters for the appraisal of scale. Function and construction of inverter types for different engine types; attainable efficiency factors.
Electronic Lab Tutorials | Lab practical (LU) | Coursecode: 180679308 Electronic Lab Tutorials 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Practical tutorials in the following areas: calculation, measurement, operation of prototype circuits, amplifiers, inverters, electric drives.
Electronic Systems | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679307 Electronic Systems 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Basics knowledge of electronic components, electronic circuits, introduction to control engineering.
Engineering Mathematics 3 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679301 Engineering Mathematics 3 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Multivariate calculus (partial derivatives, double and triple integrals), vector differential calculus (curves, tangents, arc lengths, surfaces and surface integrals, integral theorems), Partial Differential Equations (classes of PDEs, analytical and numerical solution of PDEs), introduction to probability and statistics.
Engineering Mechanics 2 (Kinematics) | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679302 Engineering Mechanics 2 (Kinematics) 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Kinematics (i.e. description of motion) of a particle in various coordinate systems incl. the natural coordinate system; relative and absolute motions of particles; Kinematics of rigid bodies and special cases of motion: translation, rotation about a fixed axis, parallel-plane motion, rotation about a fixed point
English for Automotive Engineers 2 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679309 English for Automotive Engineers 2 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Written communication: compiling technical reports and/or project documentation (based on an existing project), emails; specialized vocabulary; meetings; presentations; communicative grammar.
Materials Science 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679306 Materials Science 2 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Acquisition of knowledge relating to light metals, artificial and composite materials, semiconductors, ceramics, methods of increasing strength, surface technologies and tribology.
Strength of Materials 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679303 Strength of Materials 2 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Torsion: torsion of bars with circular cross-sections, torsion of thin-walled tubes, torsion of bars with arbitrary cross-sections; Bending of beams: pure bending, symmetric bending, unsymmetric bending, deflection curve; application of the method of superposition on bending, shear centre; Combined loading; Buckling of columns and structural stability in general; Special topics (optional): composite beams, elastic-plastic bending, fatigue strength, fracture mechanics
Thermodynamics 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679304 Thermodynamics 1 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Principal theories of thermodynamics, equations and changes of state, thermodynamic diagrams, gas mixtures, moist air, combustion, steam, steam powered devices and cooling devices.

4. Semester

Benchmarking and Testing | Lab practical (LU) | Coursecode: 180679410 Vehicle Testing 3 SWS 2 ECTS
Understanding of: how exhaust emissions occur, the structure and functionality of a chassis dynamometer, how evaporative emissions occur, the structure and layout of fuel systems in vehicles, structure and functionality of a SHED chamber. Objective and subjective evaluation of driving behaviour.
CAD 1 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679405 CAD 1 3 SWS 4 ECTS
User interface. Overview of workbenches. Workbench sketcher. Workbench wireframe and surfaces. Workbench solids. Workbench drawing. Modelling strategies.
Control Engineering | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679404 Control Engineering 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Differential equations for the description of system states, state space representation; Laplace transformation; transfer functions; manipulation of block diagrams; PID controllers and their representation; observation of stability of SISO systems using Bode analysis; cascade control; disturbance compensation; empirical evaluation criteria for controllers. PC tools Maxima and Matlab/Simulink with the Control System Toolbox will be used. Knowledge will be applied using a real DC servo drive.
Drive and Propulsion Technology | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679406 Internal Combustion Engines 1 3 SWS 2 ECTS
Piston engine (engine components, crank dynamics, engine concepts, charge cycle, charging, carburation, combustion, exhaust emissions and exhaust emission treatment, cooling and lubricating, electronics….)
Engineering Mechanics 3 (Kinetics) | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679402 Engineering Mechanics 3 (Kinetics) 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Axiomatic foundation of Newtonian Mechanics: Newton's laws; Kinetics of particles: equation of motion in inertial and non-inertial systems of reference, the principles of linear and angular impulse and momentum, work and energy, and the conservation of energy; Kinetics of a system of particles: generalisation of the principles of the kinetics of particles (with applications to the impact of two bodies, a steady stream of particles and a system gaining or losing mass); Kinetics of rigid bodies: Newton-Euler’s equations of motion, the application of the principles of mechanics to rigid bodies (with particular attention to special cases of motion)
Mechanical Components | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679401 Mechanical Components 3 SWS 4 ECTS
Introduction to design elements such as bolted fasteners, elastic springs, shafts and hubs as well as elements to connect them, ball bearings sliding bearings as well as transmission components and their design in terms of mechanics, materials science and strength of materials.
Mechatronical Lab Tutorials | Lab practical (LU) | Coursecode: 180679407 Mechatronical Lab Tutorials 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Basic terminology in relation to control systems and how they are represented in mechatronic systems. Model-based development of mechatronic systems with Matlab/Simulink; representaion of functional flows, system states and parameters in embedded systems, basic terminology in relation to fixed-point arithmetics. Measurement and analysis of states with CANape and oscilloscope; experimental setting of controllers according to the Ziegler-Nichols method. Structure and initial operation of electronic systems and error detection.
Production and Logistics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679409 Logistics in the automotive sector 1 SWS 1 ECTS
Planning and designing production processes; materials flow planning, layout planning, micro-process planning including workplace design, workplace safety, ergonomics, calculation of production times and production documentation. Internal and external transportation and their influence on product design. Production-development interface; simultaneous engineering; continuous improvement, lean management, CIM and teamwork.
Production and Logistics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679408 Quality management (introduction) 1 SWS 1 ECTS
Introduction to quality management in automotive development (ISO 9001, Total Quality Management, Automotive SPICE...) and production (Six Sigma, ....)
The Global Workplace 1 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679411 The Global Workplace 1 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Team building/team work; intercultural competences; communicative grammar; presentations
Thermodynamics 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679403 Thermodynamics 2 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Thermodynamics of compressors, turbines and engine processes; heat conduction, radiation

5. Semester

Automotive Measurements | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679507 Electrical and physical testing in the vehicle 4 SWS 4 ECTS
Measuring electrical and non-electrical signals in the vehicle; methods of digital signal processing using Matlab/Simulink
Benchmarking and Testing | Lab practical (LU) | Coursecode: 180679509 ICE & Powertrain Testing 3 SWS 2 ECTS
Understanding of: how exhaust emissions occur, how exhaust emission control systems in- and outside the engine work, the structure and functionality of a chassis dynamometer Procedure for mounting a combustion engine on a test bench. Engineering methods for drivetrain test beds/ Transmission and Clutch Test Bed
CAD 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679508 CAD 2 3 SWS 4 ECTS
In-depth investigation of workbenches sketcher, wireframe and surfaces, solids and assembly as well as drawing. Modelling strategies and procedures when designing compley parts, especially in conjunction with other designers. Workbench structural analysis.
Carbody and Safety Engineering | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679510 Carbody and Safety Engineering 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Different body types. Materials used in carbodies. Surface protection. Assembly processes. Vehicle interiors. Vehicle safety: static and dynamic requirements carbodies have to meet. Passenger safety. Methods for checking safety equipment.
Chassis Engineering and Vehicle Dynamics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679502 Chassis Engineering 2 SWS 2 ECTS
The components governing driving behaviour: fundamental knowledge of chassis engineering, from basic chassis types through how they work (including their advantages and disadvantages) to practical examples.
Chassis Engineering and Vehicle Dynamics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679501 Vehicle Dynamics 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Mathematical description of driving behaviour: basics of modelling of multi-track vehicles and their components; tyre behaviour, longitudinal, transverse and vertical dynamics; driving comfort; description of uneveness of road surfaces; simulation of vehicle dynamics, vehicle dynamics control systems (ABS, ESP, ...); introduction to experimental vehicle dynamics: test manoeuvers, measuring technology, evaluation of results; CAE tools: Matlab/Simulink, Vedyna
Fluid Mechanics | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679503 Fluid Mechanics 4 SWS 5 ECTS
Mathematics, kinematics, Navier-Stokes equations, basic equations in different coordinate systems, macroscopic moment balance, Bernoulli equations, stationary gas dynamics, numerical fluid dynamics.
Internal Combustion Engines 2 | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679504 Drive and Propulsion Technology 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Transmissions and powertrains (stick shift, automatic, transfer case, planetary gear transmission, axle-mounted transmission, clutch...)
Internal Combustion Engines 2 | Lecture/Practical (IL) | Coursecode: 180679506 Internal Combustion Engines 2 2 SWS 3 ECTS
Based on the knowledge of ICE1a focus on e.g. combustion details is set (new solutions and trends, main focal points of current vehicle development)
The Global Workplace 2 | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679511 The Global Workplace 2 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Job applications (CV, letters of application, follow-up and cold calling); basic negotiations; writing technical/scientific texts; presentations.
Vehicle, Industry and Environment | Lecture (VO) | Coursecode: 180679505 Vehicle, Industry and Environment 2 SWS 2 ECTS
Overview of the vehicle industry, vehicle production, markets, transport, environmental influences and recycling, economic considerations, societal developments, cultural influences. An excursion is planned as part of the lecture. On the basis of this excursion, students should gain an insight into the daily workings of the vehicle industry and thus get an impression of what awaits them in their internship.

6. Semester

Internship | Practical (PR) | Coursecode: 180679601 Internship 2 SWS 14 ECTS
Practical application of skills attained in semesters 1-5
Scientific Work, Bachelor's Thesis | Modul/Final Examination (FA) | Coursecode: 180679603 Bachelor's Thesis Exam 0 SWS 1 ECTS
Scientific Work, Bachelor's Thesis | Bachelor's Thesis (BA) | Coursecode: 180679602 Scientific Work, Bachelor's Thesis: Bachelor's Thesis 2 SWS 14 ECTS
Researching and compiling a bachelor's thesis on a technical topic.
Scientific Work, Bachelor's Thesis | Seminar (SE) | Coursecode: 180679604 Scientific Work, Bachelor's Thesis: Scientific Work 1 SWS 1 ECTS
How to research and compile a thesis at bachelor's level