Department of Health Studies

Health Care and Nursing



What is the admissions process?

The admissions process consists of four parts:

  • Application
  • Personal interview

No specialist knowledge will be covered during the admissions process. The aim is not to test you but rather to find out whether the course is suited to you and whether you have the required skills. So make sure you come to the dates well-rested and with a positive attitude!

The personal interview

All applicants will be invited to a personal interview to assess their personal suitability. The personal interview may take place before or after the assessment test in the period between June and July. The interview takes about 30 minutes and will be conducted by the head of degree programme or a lecturer from the Institute.


The admissions interview is your chance to introduce yourself. Take advantage of this opportunity and show why you should be awarded a place on the course. The lecturers from the Institute want to know who you are and whether the course would suit you. It’s in your hands to convince them with your CV, your interest in the course content and your personality. Of course you will be nervous. But the interview is not a test! Be honest and don’t fake it.