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Health Care and Nursing

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What is Healthcare and Nursing?

Nursing has been offered at a tertiary level of education and as a generalist study programme since 2016. Focus is placed on nursing science and research in order to provide modern, evidence-based nursing in healthcare. Having gained a higher-level professional qualification for senior healthcare and nursing positions, graduates are entitled to care for patients in an acute setting, at home or in a long-stay facility. Healthcare professionals and nurses also work in the fields of health promotion and prevention and are responsible for advising and training patients, clients and relatives.

What will I learn?

Linking theory, practice & science

The course includes theoretical, practical and scientific input. After a theory-based section, you will have the chance to gather experience in a wide range of professional nursing care fields and adopt an evidence-based approach.

THEORY: Fundamentals and professional knowledge

The course is based on international standards. It provides the practical and scientific expertise required to take on professional responsibility for demanding tasks in healthcare and nursing practice. You will learn to adopt critical thinking, substantiate your actions with scientific facts and implement solutions. You will also learn to act as a partner in the interdisciplinary context of healthcare provision and handle patient and customer-related tasks as well as organisational and social duties.

You will be introduced to all the practical work involved in healthcare and nursing throughout the life cycle. The training also encompasses specialist fields such as anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, ethics, law, and management in the healthcare sector. You will expand your social and communication skills by dealing with various target groups, working in interdisciplinary teams and carrying out advisory tasks.

PRACTICE: Insight into the professional world

During your studies, you will complete approx. 2,300 hours of practical nursing care where you will acquire valuable experience for starting out in your career. After completing the initial theory section, you will undertake vocational internships at various facilities from the first semester. This includes, for example, acute care, such as outpatient or inpatient settings, long-stay facilities, home nursing, rehabilitation or a facility of your choice.

SCIENCE: Acquisition of scientific expertise

Being able to explain the scientific reasoning behind your actions is an important part of the course. Nursing interventions and considerations must be backed up with evidence. You will acquire these skills by writing a Bachelor’s thesis which addresses clinical issues in everyday practical settings. The thesis will be supervised by our teaching staff.

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