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What is Healthcare and Nursing?

People working in the healthcare and nursing sector look after patients and clients in hospitals, at home or in long-term healthcare facilities. They also work in health promotion and prevention and provide advice to patients, clients and relatives on health-related issues with particular emphasis on nursing. Modern, evidence-based nursing forms the basis for high quality care while ensuring efficient use of resources.

What will I learn?

Fundamentals and professional knowledge

The course is based on international standards. It provides the practical and scientific expertise required to take on professional responsibility for demanding tasks in healthcare and nursing practice. You will learn to adopt critical thinking, substantiate your actions with scientific facts and implement solutions. You will also learn to act as a partner in the interdisciplinary context of healthcare provision and handle patient and customer-related tasks as well as organisational and social duties. The course will familiarise you with theories and processes in nursing and address different settings in healthcare and nursing. The training encompasses fields such as healthcare and nursing research, evidence-based nursing, psychology, sociology, educational theory, organisation, law, ethics and management in the healthcare sector. You will expand your social and communication skills by dealing with various target groups, working in interdisciplinary teams and carrying out advisory tasks.

Application and practice

By building on these basics, you will develop the ability to apply this expertise to patients. You will learn to implement nursing measures in an independent and targeted manner. In addition to acquiring specialist expertise, you will complete part-time internships at a range of institutions right from the first semester. Internships can be carried out both in Austria and abroad.

Scientific expertise

Being able to explain the scientific reasoning behind your actions is an important part of the course. Nursing interventions and considerations must be backed up with evidence. You will acquire these skills by writing two Bachelor’s theses which address clinical issues in everyday practical settings. These theses will be supervised by our teaching staff.