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The FH JOANNEUM Institute of Health Care and Nursing offers a state-of-the-art simulation centre equipped with modern high-level simulation technology. It features fully equipped patient rooms for simulating different nursing settings for the use of students, lecturers and partners:
* Child and infant care, including a mother-child unit
* Long-term care
* Acute care

The simulation centre is equipped with an AV recording and debriefing system, which allows nursing sequences to be transmitted to seminar rooms, recorded and played back to support debriefing. A large number of high-fidelity simulators are available to support training. They include adult and paediatric patient models as well as simulators for training real-life emergency situations (baby, infant and adult).

The facilities also include various part-task trainers for practising different nursing interventions. Students can use the equipment to learn how to take blood samples or handle central venous catheters, for example. Great value is placed on raising students’ awareness of the importance of empathy towards patients in nursing. The Institute offers a wide range of simulators in this respect:

  • Age simulation suit
  • Tremor simulator
  • Back pain simulator
  • Obesity suit
  • Tinnitus simulator
  • Visual impairment glasses
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Control room

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High-fidelity simulators

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